Kiss Me Heroine Make Speed Mascara Remover

4.9 5 0 8 8 Kiss Me Speedy Mascara Remover removes stubborn waterproof mascara without the need for rubbing. This mascara remover helps to moisturise eyelashes, making it vulnerable to damage.
Kiss Me Heroine Make Speed Mascara Remover


Mudah dan senang
Mudah dan senang digunakan.rasa ringan dan mudah untuk menanggal.
I really like this product because it’s help me to remove my waterproof mascara and it doesn’t feel pain or anything to my eyes. It’s really easy and fast to u sebso i think u guys should but it and try it urself
Mascara yang paling best
Best giler pakai mascara ni.Mudah dan senang nak digunakan.Dan mudah untuk dicuci.Mmg terbaik.Tak mnyesal beli dan pakai
Best mascara remover
If you're using Kiss Me mascara, this is the BEST remover for it. Just apply it to your lashes and let it soak a bit and you can instantly wipe off all the mascara effortlessly.
This is an awesome product when want to remove the mascara.. is fast, clean, and no hurt feeling towards the eyes. And is super clean
Love it.
Easy to use as a daily mascara cleaner. Saving my time to clean up after a day wear mascara. The price also affordable. Love it.
Value for money
The product removes stubborn waterproof mascara easily where we dont need to rub to remove it.It also helpful for moisturing the eyelashes.

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