3.7 5 0 14 14 Ready in 5 min, Pasta imported from Europe, With real chicken meat, Delivering that Italian deliciousness to you easily in 5 mins, No added MSG, Halal – Malaysia
Knorr instant pasta cheesy carbonara
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Soggy Fatty taste
Rasa macam tiada tekstur untuk bite.Soggy. Try dua tiga sudu sumpah xle masuk rasa nak muntah..Not suit dengan I.sorry.
Settle in 5mins
Craving pasta but lazy to cook, or feeling guilty for having a big bowl of carbs on your own. This is a really good option. Delicious quick bite!
Its really good
Its really good and easy to carry where ever i go and need
Mild taste.
I barely taste the carbonara. Its like eating bland creamy pasta. But it is easy to prepare. Took just few mins. Wish the soup taste lil bit more thick.
Can replace instant mee
Nice food which can replace with instant mee if you think of light food at night or in hurry!!
Knorr pasta
If you love chessy flavour you will love it. I have tries their creamy mushroom thats taste awful.... would recommend you all to get other flavour intead of creamy mushroom....
Knorr instant pasta
Easy to prepare pasta in a convenient packaging. Just a bit too salty far my taste
Its really delicious and creamy...easy to cook,n suitable for travel....most recommend produk,once try,sure you will love it...thank you
Craving for Carbonara Shot
Indeed it’s very easy to prepare, to bring for travelling and feed a quick craving on spaghetti & carbonara.
Instant Pasta
it's good but a bit dry. this product is very user friendly and it's suitable for a traveller.
memang fav saya pasta .dan produk ni senang sgt .travel mana2 pun bole bawak .tuang air panas je .senang sgt2 dan jugak sedap nyaaaaaa soo love with this pasta
Creamy carbonara
It’s really creamy and delicious. Love it. Purchased twice already within a month
Knorr Pasta Instant Cup
It really delicious and creamy. For those who love to travel are really recommended due to easy to cook and bring.
I want to try this because i love to cook pasta. My family loves to eat pasta as well.

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