Knorr instant pasta cheesy carbonara

3.6 5 0 26 26 Ready in 5 min, Pasta imported from Europe, With real chicken meat, Delivering that Italian deliciousness to you easily in 5 mins, No added MSG, Halal – Malaysia
Knorr instant pasta cheesy carbonara


Convenience and nice
This Italian style instant pasta really give me a surprise, I like it cheese Carbonara sauce, it is tasty , but the pack of sauce is too little which couldn't not cover the pasta.
Convenient, but tastes bad
I wholeheartedly do not like product. I bought this when we went for holiday and as a quick meal for kids when we are at hotel. But this proves to be a wrong deal. The taste is really bad. I'm only giving 2 star for its convenience (no need microwave, just pour hot water).
Taste good !
This instant pasta is convenience and easy to prepare, it is suit to pasta lover, the cheese carbonara flavor is tasty, the only con is the portion of the pasta and sauce are too little.
Cheesy Instant mee
The cheesy taste is quite nice but the portion of the "powder" is too little, it could not cover the whole pasta, therefore the whole taste of the cheese does not come out obviously.
The pasta does cooked well and easy prepared especially for someone who always on the go or maybe do hiking, camping. Its easy to make and delightful too. Plus the sos srsly good
Instant Pasta
The instant pasta is very convenience to eat especially in the morning as a breakfast. But the texture of the pasta is weird and thin compared to the normal pasta. Maybe can improve.
Cheese cabonara
Anak beli semlm dekat tesco .. baru sahaja makan .. kata anak sangat sedap dan mudah disediakan
needs more improvement
the taste is not that good. it would be a bit better if you could adjust more the seasoning so that it can taste better.
the texture is weird and the taste is awful. not suitable for my taste bud
Rasa dia okay...portion dia pon banyak..nak masak pon senang...cuma kena improve dari segi rasa...rasa dia agak pelik dan tidak berapa menarik...
So so
a bit plain, macam soup campbell dan macaroni sahaja
for meee i bought it and its easy if u wanna eat instant mashed potato!!really delicious and fast! 10/10
Soggy Fatty taste
Rasa macam tiada tekstur untuk bite.Soggy. Try dua tiga sudu sumpah xle masuk rasa nak muntah..Not suit dengan I.sorry.
Settle in 5mins
Craving pasta but lazy to cook, or feeling guilty for having a big bowl of carbs on your own. This is a really good option. Delicious quick bite!
Its really good
Its really good and easy to carry where ever i go and need

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