Koolfever Spray

5 5 0 15 15 Weather can be brutal on us sometimes. Therefore, we suggest a magic aid that can help you cool down on hot sunny days. An aircon inside your shirt is not an imagination anymore.
Koolfever Spray


i would say this is the best product for cooling our body during hot weather. i used this spray on my wedding day as i wear black. I completely satisfied with this product and will repurchase.
Very resfreshing
As we all know, today's weather can be too hot till we cannot handle it. Sometime I will sweating a lot even just go outside for a walk. When I purchase this product, I instantly fall in love with this fresh cool sensation of this spray. It helps a lots and give comfortable sensation during the day. this is my Air conditioner to bring on the go
Sangat Sejuk
Buat pertama kali saya pakai Koolfever Spray, memang rasa sangat sejuk lagi-lagi di cuaca yang sangat panas. Rasa sangat segar dan nyaman bila pakai. Sangat recommend untuk korang yang bekerja di bawah cahaya matahari. Terbaik!
Feels like winter in Malaysia
Sangat sesuai utk orang yang kuat berpeluh dan kepanasan mcm I. Must-have products lah.. senang, sembur kat baju and rasa sejuk jer. Lagi2 kalau kat luar yang panas tu. Sila simpan satu dalam beg anda.
HANDS DOWN FOR THE BEST INVENTION! I use it for daily wear because Malaysia is so hot nowadays. I also sprayed it on my shirt when i'm home, because i like the way it keeps myself cool all the time
Koolfever spray
Terasa sejuk dan segar selepas spray walaupun dalam cuaca yang panas
Good product
Sejuk bile pakai..walaupun dalam cuaca panas…selesa dan menyegarkan saya
The best product ever
Not liking it but loving it. I had a bad experience with not able tolerating heat during my pregnancy time. But buying this spray has been helping me a lot, been spraying this all the time to keep myself cool
Good product
I used it when I went to Zoo Negara and batu caves. I sprayed to my shirt but have one time accidentally sprayed on my skin too. After a while, I felt cold and freshy even the skin too. But not recommended spray to skin, because I not sure whether the material can suitable to skin or not. Worth buy when go to outdoor, but if stay at outdoor longer time, should spray again 1-2 times
sejuk, fresh
saya guna masa majlis perkahwinan, sejuk walaupun cuaca panas.
Sejuk kan dirimu
Sy ada pakai masa musim panas spray kat tilam pastu baring nikmat rasa beragin saja kurang laa rasa bahang
Fresh jerr
Pertama kali cuba guna Kool Fever Spray ni masa jalan² di Zoo Negara dengan cuaca yang panas sangat. Serius, rasa fresh yang memang menyelesakan walaupun spray dalam baju anak² yang hampir nak basah sebab asyik berlari jer.. Memang rekomen untuk 1 family standby bila perlu..
Fever no more!
When my husband was sick after a working trip, his fever worried me. I bought this in hopes of lower down his body temperature, surprisingly it really helped! I sprayed it on his shirt and he felt better immediately and the fever go away in less than 2 hours. Its really useful!
This is a very useful product
A very good product. It was very hot that day when I went on a trip. I sprayed this product on the children's body and it was cool and comfortable.

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