Laneige Waterbank Blue Discovery Duo Kit

5 5 0 8 8 Great for traveling or if you’re a beginner to Laneige (P/S: you won’t regret it). Try this nourishing, hydration-drenched set for mega moisture & EXTRA glow.
Laneige Waterbank Blue Discovery Duo Kit


Dewy and hydrated look skin
My skin have been dry after pregnancy. But with this line of skincare range from laneige,it's been helping with my dried skin. Now,my skin been hydrated and looking fresh.
You will never regret
I have been using the product and you will never regret the outcome. Love the texture and how it leaves your skin moist and silky. It is not oily and suitable for all types of skin.
Very recommended
I love Laneige! Everything from their line is just so good! Very hydrating, lightweight, and it feels amazing on my skin. The changed the formula the past year and although I prefer the original formula this new formula is not too bad. There is a scent, but I don't think it is too overpowering, its by preference. It doesn't bother me, so I don't mind. I highly recommend using this moisturizer in addition to their sleeping mask. Your skin will thank you!
Excellent product
I had a dry skin type.After apply this product my skin become more hydrate only cam see the difference around 5 days usage. Now, i become more confidence to hang out with my friends and some of them recognize my skin more healthier than before.I am soo happy to get the chance using this product.
Hydrating suitable for all skin type
I am very familiar with Laneige products as I've saw my mom using various types of Laneige skincare products for a very long period of time already. And now we both are still using Laneige Water Bank Hydro type in our daily skincare routine. It is one of the best moisturizer I can say for md
my favourite routine
from the beginning until now, I still use it as a face moisturizer, because this cream is a water-based moisturizer, water is necessary to hydrate our skin in the deepest layer to prevent the growth of wrinkles and pre-aging, that's why it's called bank water, I like it a lot and won't cheat with this product.
My one of favourite
If you haven't already heard, LANEIGE recently revamped their bestselling Water Bank collection with a brand new look and an updated formulation .. i like it and never choose another product
This laneige product has been on my wishlist for the longest time and i have finally gotten my hands on it and I must say it is really HYDRATING! I will definitely recommend it if your skin is feeling a bit dry, especially in heat! Love the texture of the cream but am not that much of a fan of the fragrance but bearable. Have yet to try the serum but so far the moisturizer works wonders for my skin.

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