Lennox Birdnest With Rock Sugar

4.9 5 0 14 14 Extracted from a cave in Sarawak, it’s au naturale with no preservatives and contains 15% of real bird’s nests in every bottle. A bottle a day to maintain the elasticity of the skin and decrease wrinkles for a youthful glowy skin.
Lennox Birdnest With Rock Sugar


Delicious bird nest
Bought as gifts for others and for myself to try - no regrets coz this is just refreshing and great for the skin. Not too sweet, and it's really delicious when served cold. Great to help with sensitive skin and maintain skin elasticity
YOuthful skin
This bird nest serves as a convenient and efficient means of obtaining balanced nutrition. It contains a comprehensive range of essential nutrients to help boost and repair the skin.
Good !
Its maintain the elasticity of my skin and decrease wrinkles for a youthful glowy skin since i almost enter 30 years old. I feel so fresh. Not too sweet compare to another brand.
Lennox birdnest
Beli untuk bapa.. bapa saya sangat berpuas hati dengan rasanya.. antara minuman birdnest yang mampu untuk semua dan mudah didapati di pasaran..
Affordable bird nest
Overall experience quite ok. I usually consume other brand's bird nest but this one is so affordable as compared to other bird nest in the market. The taste is good too just that the effectiveness is not that obvious for me
kecil dan comel
size yang kecik, mak suka gila beli yang ini, harga yang murah daripada yang lain, botol kacanya tebval kalau jatuh tempat yang tak berapa tinggi tak pecah yee, rasa sarang burung sama seperti yang lain, ada jugak sari sarang burung dalam air dia
My skin became more healthier!
As you guys knew the goods of bird nest for our skin. Yes i consumed this been for a month, my skin is so moist and healthy. This bird nest taste good, not so sweet. Easy to consume. Best drink it cold, so store in your fridge.
Good taste
Good tasting bird nest drink in convenient packaging.
The price is affordable and easy to find in drugstores. However I prefer if it not too sweet.
Quite nice taste
Quite nice taste, not too sweet. Love to put in refrigerator and consume before sleep . Consider a treat for myself after whole day of tiring work.
Most delicious Bird nest supplements
Taste good. Its help to keep your skin healthy and glowing when you consume it frequently. Plus it can boost up your energy and immune system. Try it for best result. Recommend.
Good product
This product taste good and really help to boost our body condition, feeling more energetic and moist skin
Nice product
This is a very famous brand, i really love it , love the taste, love the reasonable price and oso love the effect
I like this supplement ever
BRAND'S Bird's Nest Sugar Free is made of 100% genuine bird's nest, using a stringent manufacturing process where only natural sweeteners are used to bring out the exquisite taste of bird's nest. Free of added preservatives, artificial colouring and flavouring, be sure of unmistakable goodness.

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