L’Oreal Excellence Fashion Luxurious

4.7 5 0 24 24 Jazz up your hairstyle in a stylish way with the new L’Oreal Excellence Fashion Luxurious Gold hair colour range. Intense color, spectacular shine and long-lasting result.
L’Oreal Excellence Fashion Luxurious


Rambut Lembut dan Sihat
-pewarna ini agak mahal namun berbaloi -dapat digunakan untuk 2 orang -selepas guna, warna hanya kelihatan sedikit.selepas beberapa hari warna lbih terang seperti di dalam gambar -bau yang agak kuat - rambut lembut selepas guna dan tidak kering
Good product with good colour
I love this product sooooo much. I have dark copper hair which can easily fade out if I wash my hair regularly. This brings it back to life. I won’t have to go back to the salon to redye my hair before events and its really cover my grey hair evenly! I strongly recommend it to the people with grey hair problems :)
Great product
The colour doesnt fade easily like other brand does. Its quite long lasting. The application is also very easy and not messy. Doesnt cause any allergic reaction to me.
I love the colour and the tecsture . Long lastinggg
sangat sesuai dengan rambut saya , pewarna rambut lain membuatkan rambut saya menjadi kusam dan kering . tetapi produk pewarna rambut loreal membuatkan rambut saya kelihatan seperti semulajadi . saya sangat sukakan nya.
Does not show that well when use on thick,hard and/or dark coloured hair.
I dye my hair every month and by far this is the best dye I have every tried, it is easy to use and the development time works perfectly.
very nice product. i love this brand. color very nice
saya telah mencuba produk ini.. sangat mengagumkan warna sgat cntik. akan beli lagi.
The colour is Superb!! Fantastic!! So beautiful!!! Will repeat to purchase it again soon!!!
Just try it on and the effect is superb, nobody believed that i actually DIY it myself with little help from my husband. Very nice color.
This is a very good colour product. I always use Loreal to dye my hair. I love the protective pre-colour serum, use it before dye the colour
Loreal hair color will make the hair looks shiny and dazzling. .it's a must try product
I do not like dying hair as I scared the adverse effects of chemicals.
This is my 2nd favorite hair dye brand after Lo real and it works really well and lasts a very long time.

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