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Lucozade Sport Orange
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It's bottle's design attracted me to buy and have a try. Lucozade Sport Orange is another option for isotonic drink and is best to serve cold. very refreshing!
my husband's favourite! i never knew about this drinking water until he bought this at local store. love the taste too!
Not too sweet, can be a good choice of isotonic drink (besides 100 plus) after exercise.
first time seeing Lucozade Sport Orange. Wish to try once I doing exercise.
First time seeing this.Will check it out if I have a chance.
first time seeing Lucozade Sport Orange. Wish to try once I doing exercise.
My husband loves this Isotonic drink. Its really different from other Isotonic drink. Its taste like a real orange juice and a bit sour. So can drink while driving and feel a bit tired and sleepy. Surely will brighten up your eyes hahahah. Really nice and i love it.
i tried this and bought some to stock as i'm a regular sport doing person. i find that this is good to re hydrate yourself after sweat generating sports, such as badminton, i use to drink another brand start with G, but i found that this brand also give similar outcome for re hydrate and it provide more benefits such as vitamins. the only down side of this is the flavor is single. no other options, hope this will be changed in the near future. i will recommend this to my friends.

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