LUX Cooling Glow With Ice Cooling Mint

4.7 5 0 64 64 LUX Cooling Glow With Ice Cooling Mint for instant cooling shower with fresh fragrance from Peach Blossom and Neroli Reveal your glowing and bright skin
LUX Cooling Glow With Ice Cooling Mint


After a whole day of daily routine, having shower using Lux is a must to keep my fresh! The fragrance makes me calm and feels cool! Therefore, after taking shower using this product, I will easily fall asleep and feel fresh the next day. Such a helpful product!
Love it scent
Love the fragrance and the cooling mint effect but the brightening effect seems like no. The good side is you can find and purchase this product in most stores. I still want ro recommend this.
Love the peachy smell
First time saw it in shopee official store and decided to try them. Amazingggg smell and cheap price (i bought the refill one). One of my fav shower cream 💕
Sense of freshness
the aroma of the shower gel are not overwhelm. The soap are not so sticky and the color is nice. The bubbles that produces is quite a lot, thus i like to prolong my shower time.
smells good and has cooling effects
it smells good,lathers well and has cooling effects.eventhough the foam is dense but it is not drying on my skin.the fragrance is longlasting too.i really love it.
Cool & fresh
THis Lux Body wash is really cool, I feel cool and fresh after using it, it also makes my skin smooth as it washes away impurities without stripping away skin’s natural moisture,
Best product
Very refreshing... Produk yg sgt bagus utk seisi keluarga...
bez sgt..suka bau wangian & family adalah pgguna ttp produk ni...wajib mencuba..xrugi kalau beli produk ni..highly recommend
Family use
Saya dan keluarga adalah penguna tetap produk ini.. mmg sgt best dan bau yg sgt wangi
I love the cool refreshing feeling it gives me. The scent is also good.
味道很好闻 泡沫丰富
LUX的香味永远不会让您失望 这款依旧很好闻 泡沫非常丰富 冷冷的感觉也很舒服 不会说去到很冷很冷的感觉 刚刚好 天气冷也不会难受
Best smell ever
Love the smell n cooling sensation . Purchase from aeon big
THis body bath giving a fresh feeling, it texture is thick and smooth, it can easily spread over the whole body and leave a thin layer on the body, my body is hydrated and moisturized.
COOL feeling
Lux body shampoo protects my skin, I like its cool and fresh feeling, after applying a little amount to a perfectly clean my whole body. It has refreshing and comfortable scent.
Wangi dan menyegarkan
Sangat wangi dan terasa fresh bila digunakan. Malah hanya satu pump dah cukup untuk mencuci seluruh badan saya. Kini saya lebih yakin dengan lux. Lux sangat terbaik buat saya dan seisi keluarga.

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