4.8 5 0 6 6 Cleanse your damaged hair with Lux Premium Botanifique Shampoo and Hair Treatment. Formulated with the moisturising yet non-sticky Andes pure organic oil and botanical flower oil, get your hair to shine beautifully with a hint of Botanical Flower Bouquet fragrance.
Lux Premium Botanifique Shampoo and Hair Treatment
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I thought it was for body at first,then when i read the description ohh okay its for hair,surprisingly,its smells like "i'm in a spa",it smoothens my hair and make my day!!!
lebih lurus dan terurus
sangat best sebab bau yang wangi dan rambut jadi lebih lurus dan terurus
Lux Premium Botanifique Shampoo
Shampoo's scent is good and makes you hair smooth, i very love it.
Improve your hair quality
Lux shampoo's scent is making you to feel like indulging in hair spa. I like how it improves my hair quality especially the hair's split ends. The hairs become lighter, smooth and less messy.
Shampoo terbaik
Isteri saya sangat menyukai produk ini,,. ini produk mandian yang dia paling suka .. rambut isteri saya menjadi lurus ,
Read thru the comments by others. I may go to buy one for myself coz my hair always split end. Hope it can help to improve my hair condition.

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