Maggi Fusion Karai Miso

4.5 5 0 23 23 Savory rich miso from Japan, layered with a meaty note and topped with chili oil - giving you the right balance of fermented flavor and spicy kick.
Maggi Fusion Karai Miso


Fusion or confusion?
I find the flavour confusing. It's here nor there. I don't taste the miso. It's also spicy which I wasn't expecting. Fusion confusion. I think the miso flavour needs to be more enhanced cause it's mentioned in the product name.
I like this flavour, kena dengan tekak asian ni. Dia tak macam curry sangat tak masam macam tomyam sangat. In the middle macam tu. Something new flavour that i ever taste this time
Miso mee
I like Miso Soup, this Japanese style instant noodle is suit me, the potion is big and the noodle is smooth and not too soft, the soup taste is yummy. it is worth to purchase it.
sangat sedap. rasa berbeza dari yang lain. mesti cuba
Really Good
it is really good and the miso flavour is really nice. The amount of noodles also not too many and not too little. Overall very nice and everyone should try it.
Maggi review
It really good and i really love this new flavour..because it spicy and i love spicy food. Maggi's product has became my favourite
I find it very delicious for me, and honestly it's one of my go to instant noodles
I loved the soup, is so delicious and the mee also very nice to eat. The portion is filling for me.
Maggi Fusion Karai Miso
Maggi Fusion Karai Miso menu baru yang pasti membuatkan anda teruja untuk mencubanya. pada saya ia suatu yang sedap di nikmati semasa PKP ini. saya akan membelinya lagi selepas ini.
Sangat sedap
Lain dari yang lain...cubalah nikmati makan keluaran terbaru maggi nak tahu rasa die mesti cuba.
So delicious
Taste so good and spicy too,make me want to eat more.
Miso instant mee
Very average but can satisfy your cravings for authentic miso ramen at the restaurant. The noodles are rather tough, i prefer softer noodles. Dressings are nice and fits the dish accomodately. The soup was fragrant FRAGRANT. Overall was okay and wouldnt mind repurchasing during craving periods.
It was ok.
All hyped to try so I bought both miso & spicy kimchi. For me, it was okok, nothing much to fancy. But, the hydrated vegetables that came with blooms nicely after soaked with hot water.
Good and slightly spicy
It tasted very good. For people who dont take spicy food it is consider spicy. The noodle is thick and soup base is very fragrant. Recomended
Tasty noodle
It's not spicy, but has a very fragrant miso flavor noodles :)

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