MAGGI Nutrilicious Aglio Olio

4.2 5 0 37 37 Made with baked WHOLEGRAIN noodles. Inspired by traditional Aglio Olio recipe with the taste of aromatic garlic oil, delicious and easy to prepare
MAGGI Nutrilicious Aglio Olio


Maggi负评不少的意式Aglio Olio
总结说一下 就味道和口味不算难吃,但也谈不上非常好吃 对我来说也就中规中矩,但也没有网上评论说的那么难吃 我觉得嘛 就方便面 让你能在几分钟内准备好的食物肯定就不能和平时需要很多步骤的Aglio olio相比
is dont really taste like normal aglio olio i have it outside but it really convivence to have it anytime craving for it
Instant noodle for aglio olio lovers
Best instant noodle for aglio olio lovers. It’s easy to prepare. Just need your 5 minutes and see the magic happen. Add eggs, salad and shrimp will make it more perfect. The taste of aglio olio really makes you hungry all over again. You don’t have to buy outside anymore. Just make it at home and you can enjoy it :) and yeah it’s affordable too. Love it ;)
Rasa yang sedap
MAGGI Nutrilicious Aglio Olio rasa mee segera berperempah .. rasa lain dari yang lain.
这口味的快速面还是第一次试吃 这口味嘛,还是比较搭意大利面 这面的口感不够意大利面来得可口好吃 个人觉得还是意大利面比较可以衬托出这个口味
Sedap mcm spagetti aglio
Dengan aroma minyak bawang putih wangi je rase.Sekali makan memang tak cukup.Mi sihat versi maggi masak aglio olio memang tak mengecewakan.
Mula2 makan takot2 jugak. First bite tu rasa sedap. perencah tak pedas sgt ngam. Makan panas2 syok
Malaysian Western Instant Noodle
A Malaysian favorite with a twist of Italian. Suit those who wants a lite taste of instant noodle. Suitable for people who wants a quick meal that easy to prepare. Ideal for busy moms too.
Rasa Mewah
Sedap, tak terasa makan "makanan segera". Sesedap makan ramen korea cuma ramen pedas perut sebu. Tapi magee ni sedap dan perut boleh terima lagi2 yang mudah gastrik.
Maggi aglio olio
Sedap . Rasa macam spageti aglio olio . Cara masak pun amat mudah . Takrugi beli . Sekali korang try mesti nak lagi . Harga pulak berbaloi dengan kuantiti . Sekali mkan takcukup 1 . Berbaloi
Mudah untuk sediakan. Kegemaran anak‐anak saya. Terutama anak saya yang tinggal di asrama. Tapi untuk saya, biasa‐biasa aje.
Meggie aglio olio
Rasa dia agak pelik. Mungkin tak kena dengan tekak saya. Bolehlah beli untuk rasa rasa
Can taster better
I am a Aglio-olio lover. When Maggi first came out with this flavor, I bought it from a supermarket at the very first hand. However, the test is nothing surprising and it is still quite a distance from the authentic aglio-olio flavor.
Healthy food
The taste is i dont know how to describe. Maybe can be better. Taste so healthy like hospital food yet greasy. Sorry for the harsh comment but i dont really like the taste. Thanks
Produk baru Oglio Olio.. sedap dan lagi sedap bila tambah dengan seafood, fuhh nyamannnn

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