MAGGI Nutrilicious Aglio Olio

4.2 5 0 17 17 Made with baked WHOLEGRAIN noodles. Inspired by traditional Aglio Olio recipe with the taste of aromatic garlic oil, delicious and easy to prepare
MAGGI Nutrilicious Aglio Olio


Maggi's least favourite flavour.
It doesn't taste like aglio olio at all. Maybe because of the baked wholegrain noodle. You may be need to add something (spices, herbs) to adjust the flavour according your taste. I can't even finish it and won't repeat it ever again.
The taste is not so bad but not too good either. I kinda feel that it’s too pricey with that kind of taste. Need to rethink every time I decided to repurchase. It’s a 50-50 to recommend to my family members and friends.
听闻很久了就尝试了 因为很多人说不好吃很难吃 所以我很好奇味道如何 结果对我来说我很喜欢这个味道! 没有到很难吃啊?再加上是oat 的面,味道方面虽然没那么Q但是对我来说很好吃! 加tasbacso的话一流啊 不晓得为什么会觉得难吃呢? 平价的快熟面有这种水准我觉得很好了。 Finally decide to give a try since been seeing a lot of reviews saying that it taste weird and awful. But after tasting it , I personally think is nice and good!!!!!! Eventhough it’s not super delicious, but it’s my taste! Don’t expect you’ll get to experience the taste same as those Western restaurants, it’s just an instant noodles. And it really give the taste of aglio oilo. Heavy garlic taste. 可能个人口味吧 不晓得那些人的要求在哪里 对我来说我很喜欢 减肥吃也不会很高卡路里 那些说很难吃的 真的夸张了 可能本来他们就不适合吃这种面
hari hari maggie
looovvveee this not really aglio olio but I like how the taste turn be.. can add extra garlic for extra kick. and its nutritious too!!
boleh tahan
nak cakap sedap sangat tu tak, lagi sedap makan agli olio dengan spagetti. tapi masih boleh diterima.
Tak sedap
Tak ada rasa aglio olio. Maggi yg perisa lain semua sedap kecuali yg ni. Kena alter sendiri utk bagi sedap
aglio olio
it is simple to prepare aglio olio in short amount of time, a little bit garlicky flavor.
Aglio olio
Budget spaghetti taste. Could learn a few prep method from YouTube
Not Aglio Olio at all
It doesn't taste like Aglio Olio at all. I think their original Maggi taste better than this flavour.. Not recommended..
Sejak jumpa dengan maggi perisa baru ni, dah tak pandang yang lain, memang sedap sangat sangat, bukan setakat budk budak je suka makan, mak budak bapak budak pun dah mula ketagih, setiap minggu beli 2 3 pack buat stok kat rumah.
Maggi sihat untuk kanak²
Selalunya kanak² kat rumah ni akan dibenarkan makan maggi ayam/kari sekali- sekali. Tapi lepas jumpa Maggi Oglio ni memang tak risau kalau nk bagi kanak² makan sebab tak pedas, sesuai dengan keperluan nutrisi sebab mee pun dari bahan² terbaik.. Apa pun, sedappp..
Maggi noodles
Easy to cook & very nice,definitely worth spending money on.
really good
i like the noodle springgy and the flavour wrapped the noodle. i really enjoy eating it as i thought of eating real alio olio pasta
Simple and nice
Maggi's new instant mee - Aglio Olio is easy and convinience to prepare, the taste is nice and the noodle is nice, the recipe with the taste of aromatic garlic oil is super yummy !
worth of our money.easy to cook and nice

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