Mamee Monster Black Pepper

4.6 5 0 21 21 The popular noodle snack has released a new black pepper flavour. Let's CRUNCH, SHAKE and MUNCH the snack!
Mamee Monster Black Pepper


The new flavors are really good, crispy, and crunchy. The new flavors are great! I would recommend it to my friends and get them to buy it too. And also recommend to their kids
I like the flavour!
Mamee monster black pepper. It's extremely tasty and addictive! The black pepper seasoning gives the noodle snack a peppery and savoury flavour punch. Yummy! It definitely pays homage to the original snack, but with a nice peppery twist.
Mamee monster
Snek fabret dari kecil lagi. Perisa lada hitam mamee pedas sikit tapi sedap sangat. Tak cukup makan satu packet, rasa nak lagi dan lagi.
Mamee Monster Black Pepper
Baru perasan, ada perisa baru. Dah try. For me, okay tak pedas sangat.
good product
Mamee Monster Black Pepper best sangat. rasa lada hitam yang sederhana. kanak-kanak pun makan tak pedas. tak perlu tambah perisa pun dah sedap. lain dari mamee monster yang lain.
Didn't realize there is this new flavour released until a friend bought this. Nice and yummy ! Not too hot and kids are loving it too
Snack untuk study
I suka dengan snack ni. Mantap bila tengah study. Boleh keep you awake. Rasanya sedap and hot.
Sedap Hingga Menjilat Jari
Perasa black pepper memang kegemaran saya. Memang padu Mamee Monster pun dah ada perisa ini.
MAMEE Monster snack are well known in Malaysia, It gives me lots of memory and happiness, the price is good and affordable, I like this lada hitam flavour as it is not too spicy.
Spicy but good!
Lama tak beli. Rupanyaa dah ada flavour baru. Saja cuba beli, sedap much more spicy but it good. Thumbs up!
NEw flavour mamee
mamee monster snack is my childhood favourite snack, it gives melots of precious memory. this new "lada Hitam" flavor is not bad, it is not too spicy and hot as I expected. lets shake.
love the new peppery taste
nice and crunchy and very nice with the new black pepper flavor. Its taste not too spicy and gotta shake and crunch it to enjoy :)
bila keluar ni?! sy langsung x tahu sy baru beli semalam sy rasa flavour ni lebih sedap drpd yang warna red tu(lupa ape flavour) flavour ni sesuai org yg suka masin. Pada sy, yg bi sedap gila , tapi pada adik sy, dia rasa masin.
Sesuai untuk cuba sesuatu yang baru
Bagi rasanya boleh la. Pedas lada hitam.

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