MAYBELLINE Falsies Lash Lift Black Waterproof Mascara

4.7 5 0 18 18 Maybelline's long-wearing lash lift mascara grabs lashes at the root for thicker, fuller looking lashes in seconds-without the cost. Plus, its double-curved lifting brush and fiber-infused formula thickens and lengthens.
MAYBELLINE Falsies Lash Lift Black Waterproof Mascara


Suitable for short lashes!
So, I actually received this product from Maybelline and this is my honest review of it. I have a short and pointed downwards lashes kind. So, as you can tell, it is hard to maintain and make my lashes stay upward throughout the day. This product however I would say gives a nice touch for people who have a similar issue as mine. I would give it 8/10, to be honest, but still, it gives out the lashes look more prominent and longer with the fake lashes effect on the eyes. It is also beginner-friendly for people who are first-timers for makeup as it is really easy to use!
volume lashes effect
among all the maybelline mascara that i have tried, this is the best. it gives you volume on your lashes but still cannot beat loreal lash paradise and ofc it’s cheaper than the loreal. if you are looking for a good affordable mascara, this is the one.
girls,Mascaras ni once you apply serious tak perlu pakai lashes tau.Dah la tak susah nak bersihkan,2-3 kali je dah bersih.yoou apply 3 kali je dah tebal and betul tak perlu pakai lashes and best partnya tak berketul.
Maybelline falsier last lift mascara
Maybelline mascara tak pernah mengecewakan..dah banyak guna produk maybeline memang best..Senang pakai, tak comotkan mekap..bulu mata saya tak panjang jadi pakai ni nampak panjang betul bulu mata.. Wlaupun harga agak mahal tapi berbaloi bagi saya sebab jarang pakai.. jadinya tahan lama la..hehe
Looks like Lash Lift
Its unique formula lifts, lengthens, and volumizes my lashes, creating a dramatic and fluttery look. The waterproof feature ensures long-lasting wear without smudging.
Really looks like u wearing a lashes
What i like the most is, you no need extra effeort to look nice. Just with one application then tadaaa, your eyelashes look so good! It really works like the title, like you wearing a false lashes. It is a waterproof mascara. So you need makeup remover from oil base. The lenght about the same size as phone so that you won’t feel a burden to put in your handbag and it also a lightweight. I wear it in the morning and until evening the effect still there, i’m in love with it!
Easy to use
Mascara ni best !bulu mata nampk lg panjang..yg Penting x senang comot ble kena hujan
Produk yang bagus
Saya suka maskara ni.mata nampak lebih galak bila pakai maskara ni. Tidak mencomotkan. Tahan hingga ke petang.mudah ditanggalkan menggunakan makeup remover.
best ever mascara
mascara dia sumpah the best ever just susah nak remove je. overall semua best.
Favourite maskaraa
The best ever maskara. Kalau buku mta tak panjang make sure kepit duluu sebelum pakai. Paling best waterproof yee. Then masa cuci kena guna makeup remover utk lagi bersih.
False lash
This formula is amazing it makes lashes look longer and thicker it pushes it up. Last all day so would say value for money. If you looking to try a new mascara this is it.
Beli dekat watson
I beli time harga dalam rm38 mcm tu. Utk org bulu x berapa ada ni ok la u kena kepit dulu kalau x dia x melentik ke atas. Cepat kering tp kdg2 dia lekat juga smudge dekat kelopak tiba2 . U kena sapu 2-3 time baru boleh start nampak lentikkan tu .
good product
mudah guna dan perlu cuci betul-betul untuk hilangkan mascara yang jenis waterproof
The best mascara forever🥰🥰
Mascara yang terbaik pernah saya pakai.memang awesome la..lentik,panjang dan tak payah guna pengepit bulu mata.. waterproof dan tahan lama walau kita berpeluh
mascara ni sumpah best gila senang je nak tanggalkan, boleh pakai micellar water je pastu mascara ni waterproof tau sesuai untuk korang yang suka nangis mascara takkan cair warna hitam sekali dengan air mata ampa😂

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