Maybelline Tattoo Liner 48H Liquid Pen

4.9 5 0 36 36 This black eyeliner pen is a smudge-proof liquid eyeliner that comes with a nylon felt tip for an easy glide and even application. In fact, it stays on fleek for 48 hours but easy to remove with cleansing oil. And it’s vegan! <br><br> *This is a traditional product advertisement. KKLIU 3085/2022 Ads expiration date: 12/2024 *NPRA Registration Number NOT230803949K
Maybelline Tattoo Liner 48H Liquid Pen


Sharp Lines, Long Wear
Super fine tip delivers precise application, and the formula is smudge-proof for all-day wear.
Maybelline Tatoo Liner
Hitam memikat. Senang untuk apply dan tidak comot. Packaging cantik. Senang untuk dapatkan di drugstore. Recommended!
Long Lasting Liner
It truly lasts all day, no smudging. Its long-lasting formula also means no touch-ups throughout the day which is perfect for someone who likes low effort and low maintenance makeup!
Great product
Sebelum ni dah macam macam eyeliner saya try. Bila jumpa yang ni, sumpah tak cari lain dah. Senang gila nak apply. Stay je even berpeluh pun. Cantik helok je. Kalau korang jenis yang tak pandai nak lukis wing tu pun, bila pakai yang ni boleh jadi auto pandai. Seriously recommended sangat
The eyeliner did not smudge
The tatoo eyeliner from maybelline is a life saver. It didn't smudge at all even if I slightly touch it. I gasped whenever i touched the eyeline in case it will smudge but none at all.
I loveeeee thissss
Dah cuba memang cantik, buat line pon senang, sangat senang guna.. Tahan 2 hari.. Dan tak berkecapuk.. Itu yang saya suka sangat...
good sliding on eyes
the ink was very thick and slide smoothly on my eyes .. been using this for awhile ... love it !
Good eyeliner ever
Maybelline eyeliner always my 1st choice, this product is good the price reasonable, but a little bit not waterproof at all.
Maybelline eyeliner tattoo
Eyeliner ni senang nak pakai tahan pulak tu. Harga pun berpatutan sangat. Recommended sangat² beli dan cuba products ni.
Smooth and sharp
Eyeliner ni sangat mudah utk apply dan ditarik hujung mata. Waterproof sangat sesuai untuk saya yang senang berpeluh disebabkan kerja kadangkal di site yang panas. Warnanya hitam pekat jadi pakai nipis sudah memadai dan tetap terserlah alisnya. Definitely saya akan repeat beli eyeliner ni.
Non smude eyeliner
I love this eyeliner as it very thick, opaque and smudge proof. It stay a whole day long!
The best eyeliner
Eyeliner terbaik, tak comot, tahan lama.. rasa selesa bila pakai. Rasa keyakinan tu lebih tinggi bila pakai eyeliner ni.
Smooth and clean
cantik dan suka dengan eyeliner ni.. Tak comor bila pakai
The Best Linerr
Finally its out here as one of the best eyeliner product. The lines created are super smooth and not cranky. As the retail price of the product is relevant as well. The product stays for a super long time until its been wiped off by cleanser or remover by ourselves. Definitely recommended!!!
Long Lasting Liner
This eyeliner is easy to use, not hard to apply even being waterproof. It has real staying power and stay looking good all day. I love how it work.

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