4.2 5 0 18 18 <p>Maybelline The Magnum Barbie Mascara gives you fluffy doll-like lashes with extreme length. It is waterproof of Black features a Collagen-enriched formula with a comb wand that separates and defines each and every lash.</p> <p>Get thick lashes look dramatically up to 10x more volume.</p>
Maybelline The Magnum Barbie Mascara
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Thick mascara
It is pretty thick and waterproof mascara, but sometimes it does clump to my lashes.
great !
bulu mata saya semakin panjang dan lentik. sangat-sangat memuaskan. senang dicuci dan tidak lagi hitam di bawah mata. texture yg lembut sangat memudahkan. saya sangat berpuas hati
Yes, I do feel like a barbie
In term of the packaging, I do like it. It's cute. My lashes look great with this and it is waterproof so I don't really have to worry if I smudges it because it stays perfectly. However, since it is waterproof, it is extremely difficult to remove it without leaving stain under my eyes. If you're a muslim and planning to perform your prayers outside, make sure to bring your makeup remover, and it will take a while for you to actually remove it.
Clumps galore
Even just out of the bottle, you can see that the mascara has clumped up somewhat on the wand. Wearing it on the eyes just results in having clumped eyelashes.
best mascara
yes! saya suka mascara ni.. bulu mata saya jadi lebih lebat dan cantik
Long and nice
After applied, keep it smudge free. lashes become longer. Nice!
not bad
This is the first ever mascara i own. It's pretty decent, really. It doesn't curl up my lashes that much. I would usually just curl my lashes with an eyelash curler first. I would say it doesn't perform as well as the name states, 'BARBIE'. The more i wore, the clumpier it gets. Tho, you should be careful with it. Since it has quite big bristles, it's not very suitable for the lower lashes.
Bulu mata semakin panjang!
Bulu mata anda akan semakin panjang dgn maskara ini. Ianya didatangi dengan fibre yg mbuatkan bulu mata asal mjdi lebih pnjg 3x ganda!
Bulu mata lentik pakai Maybelline The Magnum Barbie Mascara, waterproff, terbaik.
Get lumpy on eyelashes when apply. After 1month i purchase this product, the mascara already dried up inside.
it great to use, easy to make my lashes look amazing...love maybelline mascara everytime
Love the coverage of this mascara on my lashes. Amazing as always. But need to carefully remove it with facial olive oil or any other make up remover.
Barbie magnum mascara very simply...must try it now so feel beauty
it great to use, easy to make my lashes look amazing...love maybelline mascara everytime
A perfect mascara for my lashes. Makes me look pretty and gorgeous.

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