Mentos Caramel Mint

4.3 5 0 15 15 Want something irresistible? Try the new NEW Mentos Caramels Mint – a chewy caramel candy filled with creamy dark chocolate mint.
Mentos Caramel Mint


its good but too sweet
personally saying its good not gonna lie but its just too sweet.
Too sweet
Manis sangat..makan banyak banyak boleh cepat muak..
Caramel mint is vry nice for me...I like it so much
Caramel mentos
Abit too sweet for my taste.. good to have something new other than the fruity flavours.
3 in one Candy
I like this new flavor Mentos Caramels candy as its taste combine mint & caramels which come out with an amazing taste, it is cool, sweet and creamy, besides, the sweetness is just nice.
Love mentos mint caramel
Suka gile ngan mentos caramel ni ☺️ Sebab manis2 caramel ngan mint tu mmg ngam jea rasanye 😁 for those yg suke sweet and mint should try this one also 👍🏻
Sangat sedap saya sukakan rasanya, coklat dan karamel rasa mint memang gabungan yg sesuai
I love caramel
Mentos already was my one of the most chewed gum. Its not very sticky to my thooth and its creamy so i love it and i still purchase it over n over again.
I really love it
I really like it and I always share with my family and friends 😍 would recommend to you guys if you want to try something new. I really hope mentos would make another interesting flavour
too sweet
manis sangat, seksa jugak nak perabis. makan satu then kena gap masa sebab manis dalam mulut tak hilang lagi.
Mentos Caramels Mint
My go to sweets whenever I get motion sickness. Quite sweet but the minty taste makes it better! Love the thick chocolate fillings in it. People who dislike mints probably won't like this one.
My fave Mentos
This Caramels Mentos is my fave Mentos sweet as the Caramels taste is obvious and not too sweet. I can finish the whole pack in 2 days as it is so yummy, but it is not easy to get from shop.
Rasa dia okay
Mula ingat gabungan dua ni xokay but so far after tried , sedap. Berangin tu manja2 je rasanya . Neer regret to buy this. Memang kalau singgah 7e kalau teringin tu memang beli la
Mint lover
When I first saw it, I was so excited as I luv anything with mint.. Really love how it melts in my mouth..
Sentiasa sukakan manisan ini..anak anak pasti teruja, agak manis tapi rasa ya yummies..

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