4.2 5 0 79 79 The latest formulation from MILO® is now here. Made with a selection of 4 whole grains: oats, barley, brown rice and wheat, perfectly blended with PROTOMALT®, this would be the ultimate breakfast drink in the morning to fuel you throughout the day. Or drink it anytime during the day for that extra boost of energy, whether you're at work, home or school. Try it all-new MILO® Nutri G™ chocolate malt drink today to experience the difference!
MILO Nutri G™
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great for empty stomach
love all milo brand but i have to add a little plain water to this drink. its a bit thick for me. but if you're on an empty stomach its a great drink. it keeps you long enough till lunch and the energy booster too!
memang sangat kaw tapi rasanya lebih suka yang dlm bentul sachet atau milo tin. sejujurnya saya takkan beli lagi
Membuatkan sy jd bertenaga selepas mnum..n rsa nye sgt sdap...tQ milo krn kluarkan air dgn rsa y sgt sedap ini..
Easy to handle and yummy
My kids love it. Easy to handle during traveling or to school.
Mamak one is better
its a "kaw" type but more prefer original taste or prefer order at mamak terus
Kesukaan anak saya
Antara air yang anak saya suka.. Mak pon suka jugak.. Milo die sangat pekat tp x sure ape beza dengan milo kotak..
This is nutritious and has an amazing smell and taste. It's perfect for my active kids that need to face their days being more energetic than the last.
This is very nice when drank cold, and energizes the body. My kids love this a lot.
I really love this type of Milo. Somehow it tastes better than the one in cans, and it's more tastier if left in the fridge.
Milo ini pekat dan kaw. Sgt sedap. Sy dan anak sy sukakannya. Cuma untuk 190ml, harganya agak mahal. RM3 di petronas mesra.
The chocolate taste is more thicker than usual.we love it.
It is thicker and sweeter compare to the original milo. Abit pricey for such a small bottle. But overall it taste good.
The taste of this milo feels much fuller and richer in chocolate. Worth the money albeit a bit pricey.
This taste sweeter than the usual canned ones from vending machines.. I prefer the old one.
This drink is now my everyday dinner drinks which keep me energy for taking care my kid after working hour.

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