MILO® Nutri Pluz

4.8 5 0 96 96 Try MILO® Nutri Pluz. This drink is ideal adults or parents who wants their child to have an adequate amount of energy to get through their day. A good source of protein, it also has 2x calcium and Vitamin D in a single packet!
MILO® Nutri Pluz


Love this
I love this! Anything under Milo is good! But cannot beat the regular ones. The taste is okay for me. Recommended!
Berikan tenaga ketika sakit
Sangat mudah dinikmati. Sesuai di mana mana seperti di hospital. Memberikan tenaga disebabkan kekurangan selera makan. Sangat mengenyangkan. Perut rasa lebih selesa. Tetapi agak manis sedikit.
My favorite drink ever, Milo is my one of the daily routine in my life, I'll make sure drink it when i thirsty or for my meals
Energy Booster
A box of enery! Dengan 1 air kotak, complete breakfast for me. A rushing morning everyday, It was very help!
Been drinking milo since i was a kid..and untill now without fail every morning will buy Milo to start my ever breakfast drink!!
Its always too Sweet
I don't understand what they added in these that taste different from the milo you make on your own. its is tasty but it leaves me useless after the sugar crash and practically craving for more and a very unpleasant after taste. its very addictive, i would suggest that they produce these with different sweetness and cater them to the public to decide what level of sugar they want
Love the taste very much. Everyone should try it sure love it very much.
Sangat sedap
Anak saya pantang nampak milo kat mana-mana mesti nak beli. Menjadi pilihan keluarga betul milo ni
Milo berkhasiat
Sangat sedap..selalu beri pada anak ntuk aktiviti di luar rumah..tak pernah tak sedap
Taste deliciously
Love the taste of this Milo. Can't resist the real chocolate flavor. My kids love it so much.
Minuman milo ini sedap, senang didapati di kedai², sya sangat suka akan rasanya yg sgt fresh. Anak anak pn suka untuk tambah tenaga mereka. Tingkatkan kualiti rasa mmg Terbaik.
Milo tak pernah tak sedap. Tapi jarang dapat jumpa milo kotak besar 1L
Bekalkan anak Anak ke sekolah
Setiap pagi anak Anak da menjadi kebiasaan air kotak Milo menjadi sarapan minuman berkhasiat di sekolah
I love it
The best, convenient because it's not time consuming because it's ready to drink and it's delicious. I highly recommend this product to everyone, must buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sedap dan likat
sangat sedap dan pekat. memberikan tenaga dan anak-anak sering menginginkannya

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