4.8 5 0 71 71 Introducing the new Milo Protein Up, the power-packed Milo that's crafted specially for adults who seek high-protein products for their diet. Fit for your on-the-go lifestyle, this ready-to-drink Milo gives you the nutritious energy you need to get you ready for the day.
Milo Protein Up
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Rasa sedap... enak.. Sesuai untuk yg aktif........
Lebih bertenaga
Saya baru membeli dan mencuba Milo Protein Up. Milo sememangnya merupakan minuman sarapan buat kami sekeluarga sebagai sumber tenaga untuk memulakan hari kami.
My Go To Drink
my go to drink when i need a quick meal for my stomach
Great taste
Delicious taste and its available in different store plus affordable
never disappointed
Milo will never disappointed us with whatever new product they came out.
Milo protein up
The taste is nice. My son love it. Whenever we pass around market, my son will ask us to buy it. It is not too sweet. Nothing to complaint about.
Tastes great
!It tastes great and gives me energy to complete my workout. It also is a great post-workout drink. The small size of the bottle makes it easy for me to carry it anywhere I go. Of course, it is best consumed straight from the fridge as it tastes amazing cold!
Sedap, tak terlalu manis sangat. Agak mengenyangkan juga, kalau xsempat ambil sarapan boleh minum milo protein up sebagai ganti
Sy baru je beli..sedap sangat bertenaga sepanjang hari..rugi sape yg tak cuba..
Milo Protein Up
Saya baru membeli nya minggu lepas untuk saya dan anak ketika pulang ke kampung.. rasa na hebat.. membuat perut rasa kenyanh.. rasa coklat yg mewah.. like it
Great product
This is my favourite milo product. A must try for Milo lovers!
Love the taste
I love the taste. Just a little richer than the powder milo. It fills you up thus very suitable for a quick snack break to recharge back your energy.
Milo Protein Malt
Tastes so good.. chocolate taste. I feel less hungry in the mornings and if i drink it any other time, it gives me extra energy boost.
minum yang terbaik
rasa yang sedap memberi tenaga dan membuat saya rasa kenyang.
i'm full all day long
i love MILO!! the taste definately better than before and include good nutrition for body. i love the bottle. no need improvements! its all good!

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