Mister Potato Chicken Jerky Flavour

4.3 5 0 22 22 Savour this delicious and crunchy new flavour from Mister Potato. This new flavour is perfect for your Chinese New Year snack.
Mister Potato Chicken Jerky Flavour


Not my taste
The taste was just not my type. I was expecting more from it but the taste was kind of odd. The packaging and idea of the flavour was interesting though because it made me buy just to try out the new flavour.
Superb as a limited edition !
Taste reallyyy good , different from another like we're eating real of 'salai' and so aromatic . Love it !
Mister Potato Jerky
Suami & anak suka makan . Time santai lepak sedap kunyah kunyah . Rasa pun sedap . Sesuai dengan keluarga saya yang suka kudapan .
nice but not for everyone
it tastes good but not really for me. recommended for people who enjoys BBQ flavoured chips.
Nice taste
I love this new flavour. The taste just like eating jerky during Chinese new year.
To be honest i don't like the taste actually, it is salty and the taste is weird.. i like the original
Potato chips lover
I like junk food, I like Potato chips. this limited edition flavor is not as my expectation, as the taste is too mild, the chips is too light and thin, I prefer their other ranges chips.
Crunchy Pringles
It's crunchy, spicy and taste delicious 😋. My kids love it very much.
New try
I not like the flavor. The odor is too heavy and taste of full artificial powder.
I don't like this New Flavour chips as the chicken jerky taste is too strong, the potatoes taste is been covered by the strong chicken jerk taste and it is more salty than the original chips.
i like it.. every month i will buy it.. nice..this potato i will recommend to anybody for try
Artificial flavour
Frankly speaking, I don't like the taste at all. The chips are filled with artificial flavour. I still prefer the original taste.
Mister Potato
I like chips and cracker, I have tried this new flavor and frankly speaking, I do not like it. as I don't like jack fruits. the combination is weird and the chips taste is mild.
like it
Special taste but very nice. I bought 2 times in week, cant stop eating. RECOMMEND <3 !!
So good tho
Pernah rasa kawan punye demat hostel.Memamg nice tho.Pedas sesuai laa utk yang minat pedaih

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