4 5 0 68 68 New taste for Mister Potato fans – Honey Cheese! Create a fun mode with this new flavor for your days!<br> <ul><li>100% imported potato</li> <li>Cholesterol Free</li></ul>
Mister Potato - Honey Cheese Crisps
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i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it!
first bite - weird. second bite - ehmm nice third bite - i couldn't stop eating it fourth bite - mum do you mind if i take it alllllll! don't just bite on one chip. it doesn't taste that nice but try munching on a few. you'll definitely taste the gooooodness!
Mister potato
The taste is mild for my liking and will definitely will not repurchase
I've try this. Not that bad. But the taste is not really honey cheese, its kinda buttery crisp for me. Well its still tasty to eat.
Good product
Among Mister Potato crisps series, before launching of honey cheese flavour, Tomato is my favorite. With this new flavour launched, most of the time i will purchase honey cheese flavour. Of course, if the packaging can be improved it will be better. As sometimes eat until bottom, surrounding of hand will get dirty. Also, it is not a good container to keep if cannot consume finish after open the seal. Hope the improved packaging can be seen soon.
Kombinasi unik
Packaging dia memang cantik. Sesuai la honey and cheese. Tapi pada saya rasa dia biasa saja. Ada rasa madu dan cheese tu, tapi sedap lagi yang packaging dalam plastik. Lagi ummpphh.
My favourite all the times. The taste okay. It is ready to serve. Convenient to eat.
For me, the packaging seems very attractive and the price is like normal snacks.. however, the taste is quite plain.. i'm expecting it to be more tasty. I only bought once not sure i'm going to try it again, i don't like it and i don't hate it either, the feeling is neutral.
I bought it last week. I thought the at first impression it might be weird but as i tried to tastes it, hey it wasn't bad at all. I really enjoyed it.
This is a perfect snack, especially on movie nights! :D
Klu hantu cheese Mister Potato fans – Honey Cheese memang pilihan terbaik..sedap...
Pertama kali cuba, memang saya beli lagi kali ke-2. Suka rasanya yang manis masin, tidak keterlaluan. Tak sedar makan hampir sebotol.
Bought it because it say cheese and it didn't let me down. I really love it and been purchasing it every time I see it. It suits my taste.
I've tried this and found it too sweet for my liking. The sweetness doesnt really pair well with the cheese flavour. And ended up cant really taste the cheese flavour
When first time looking at the canister label, I was a bit skeptical about the wierd combination. To ended my curiosity, I bought one and tried it. And I was surprise how unique it tastes and I fell in love with it! Crunchy, a bit of cheesy, salty and sweetness of honey. Definitely my new flavour on the shelf.
rasa kentang cheese yang sebenar dan rasa yang sangat sedap dan digemari oleh semua peringkat umur.

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