MOIST DIANE Botanical Deep Moist Body Soap

4.6 5 0 22 22 A botanical body wash that forms a mild rich lather to remove impurities delicately while hydrating the skin. Good news! Safe for sensitive skin and babies to use as it’s uses 90% natural ingredients and free from 7 harmful additives.
MOIST DIANE Botanical Deep Moist Body Soap


I love it's fragrance
The fragrance of product long-lasting even after gym.
Body bath
This body bath with soft foaming formula helps to defend the skin from drying out and to protect the natural protective skin barrier. It has refreshing scent without irritating skin
NIce body bath
This body bath is specially formulated to leave my skin feeling healthy and fresh, especially during the hot and humid season. It can easily kills 99.9% of germs, with 12 hours Odor protection.
Excellence body wash
it is a god body wash, My whole family using it, It can remove dirt even without rubbing and easy to rinse off. It washes away impurities without stripping away skin’s natural moisture
Cloud Foam body shampoo
I like its smooth texture. This body shampoo is formulated with ceramides pumps rich and creamy foam in one gentle press. Its smell is long lasting and comfortable, the price is super good.
luxurious lather body shampoo
This body shampoo provides luxurious lather to clean and pamper my body with a lasting aroma. the scents is long lasting and pleasant, It has refreshing scent without irritating skin.
Very smooth
Im very kike to use this product. Very very smooth at my skin. I use this product everyday. And im very happy. Thanks. I think its ok for right now i really recommended to buy this product.
Love it !
This body lotion is super moisture and the scents is super nice. it is a nourishing and calming body shampoo that not only keeps my body clean but also cares for delicate skin without irritation.
Skin retain moisture
With 1 pump only enough to cover my body instead of two and it is definitely soapier.Love the texture nit too sticky not too watery but just nice.My skin getting moist after few dsys apply and no more rushes due to sensitive skin.Recommended
The best for sensitive skin
The item smelled nice, and the smell lasted way longer than my expectations. I already purchased it twice because the soap does not irritate my sensitive skin and does not make my skin dry like other antibacterial soaps on the market.
I love its scents.
I highly recommended this body shampoo as It is enriched with natural extracts, no paraben or alcohol, and soap free formula to keep my skin smooth and safe for everyday use. love it !
Smells lasting a day
This is my favourite body soap so far. The smells so calm and lingering long lasting hours. It works good for my body skin, give the soft aftereffect and improve my dry body skin.
Sabun badan
Bau sabun ni memang wangi..boleh tahan sampai 8jam serius memang tak rugi lah beli..satu lagi tahan lama bau wangi pon tahan lama..tak payah pakai perfurm dah..
bau yang sangat wangi,teruja untuk mandi setiap hari,lembut pada kulit serta melembapkan kulit
body bath
sangat wangi& melembabkan kulit..satu botol boleh tahan lama dan sangat2 recomanded untuk korang yeaa i mmg in love sangat...

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