Munchy’s Oat Krunch Breakfast - Cranberry

4.7 5 0 66 66 Start your day the tasty way with the goodness of nutritious Cranberry and Oats! Antioxidant-rich cranberry and oats are loaded in each delicious pack of Oat Krunch Breakfast. A source of fiber, Oat Krunch Breakfast is trans-fat free with no preservatives and packed individually for your convenience.
Munchy’s Oat Krunch Breakfast - Cranberry


Best choice
I believe this biscuit is the best choice when you really want something sweet and healthy at the same time. The bits of cranberry gives a little sweet taste along with the creamy texture of the oats. Me as a busy person this is my choice of snack during break.
Sedap dan menyihatkan
Biskut yg mudah dibawa dan sesuai di jadikan snek sampingan. Rasanya yang sedap dan perisa yang sesuai untuk semua peringkat umur.
Suitable for breakfast
This is what i grab for quick breakfast. Easy and healthy.
Oats biscuits
Nice taste with bits of dried cranberries. Good for breakfast or snacks. Addictive.
Superb krunchy breakfast
I always keep this at home, and also at the office, packs of them! They are convenient to carry, delicious, and surprisingly, packed enough energy to get you moving every morning. Never leave home without a pack now!
Sedap dan mudah
Pagi pagi kalau malas memang breakfast ini je. Sedap sangat dan mengenyangkan sebab mengandungi oat
More than what I expected
Before I eat this biscuit I was expecting the cranberry to be sour taste. I so surprised when I first bite it, it doesn't sour at all. The biscuit is so crunchy. I feel very light when I bite in in the mouth. The biscuit not thick or heavy in my mouth. I feel like I'm eating snack. Even my daughter also fall in love with it. .
Oat Krunch ,So Krunchy😊
Yummy, tasty and so crunchy, the Strawberry and Blackcurrant flavours so delicious. Every day .my kids have it for breakfast before go to school. Gives them energy and
A grab and go snack
The cranberry element goes well with the buttery biscuit and the flavor freshen up my early rise.
saya beli untuk kudapan di kereta. yes sedap manis masam lemak. amat sesuai dengan selera saya dan suami. amat bagus untu kami yang keburuan masa. tak sempat sarapan. sangat rekemen pada semua terutama yang tak sempat sarapan.
Snek kecil yang sihat
Snek yang mengenyangkan.. Sedap & crunchy..memudahkan untuk di ambil time bekerja
Tak ingat bila kali terakhir makan yang ni tapi rasanya sungguh sweet. Dan ia juga mengenyangkan jadi ia alternatif sihat dari makan junkfood hari2
Easy snack
Mudah nak bawa snek dalam hanbag. Rasa sedap, ada kenyal-kenyal masam manis cranberi.
Biskut sedap dan best
Biskut ini memang sedap, crunchy tapi ada rasa tekstur kenyal cranberry. 5 star!
Sesuai untuk pelajar yang kejar masa terutamanya di waktu pagi. Senang dibawa dalam beg. Kecil dan perasa strawberry yang sedap.

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