4.7 5 0 52 52 Start your day the tasty way with the goodness of nutritious Cranberry and Oats! Antioxidant-rich cranberry and oats are loaded in each delicious pack of Oat Krunch Breakfast. A source of fiber, Oat Krunch Breakfast is trans-fat free with no preservatives and packed individually for your convenience.
Munchy’s Oat Krunch Breakfast - Cranberry
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Biskut sedap dan best
Biskut ini memang sedap, crunchy tapi ada rasa tekstur kenyal cranberry. 5 star!
Sesuai untuk pelajar yang kejar masa terutamanya di waktu pagi. Senang dibawa dalam beg. Kecil dan perasa strawberry yang sedap.
Mudah dibawa kemana2
Saya sudah mencuba biskut ini. Ternyata rasanya sedap Tapi bagi saya agak Manis ... Apa-apa pun biskut ni sedap terasa berries dan mudah dibawa kemana sahaja.
my favourite breakfast and tit bits
mudah di ambil, sedap tidak terlalu manis, tit bits yg tidak mengemukkan dan senang dibawa ke mana saje.
Sedap & padat
Kami sekeluarga suka rasa biskut ni dari pertama kali mencuba. Rasanya lain dari biskut yang lain
Snacking without guilt
I love the taste! Not too sweet and great for snacking. I have it on the go so I dont go around snacking junkies. The individual pack really helps. Great for having with tea or coffee too
Opt for healthy breakfast
If you don't want to skip breakfast and opt for a healthy one, this is for you. Munchy's never disappoint me. Their oat krunch breakfast taste delicious & healthy too. Would recommend for kids before going to school or if you're in a rush for work. Love it.
Nutrition delicious
Me always skip my breakfast,but when i found this biscuits it change my habit ..it taste good and also easy and quickly to tear it ..lot of nutrition into it and keep giving me healthy and happy life style
Terbaaaiikkk 🥰
The taste is good Crunchy and Yummmmmmyyyyy... sodaaapp 👍🏻
Cranberry oat crunch
Rasa cranberry yang sangat sedap serta unik yang luar biasa serta sesuai untuk pengambilan sarapan yang berkhasiat.
Sedap sangat. Cepat habis makan depan tv. Mudah di bawa ke mana sahaja
Taste great and really healthy food Just a bit pricey
Love this!
Munchy's product will never dissapoint you. The quality of product proven with its excellent savoury tasted. What i love the most even the texture is quite thick, but this biscuit less showing to be hygroscopic
Sangat sedap!
Bagi saya, sangat sedap! bukan macam typical biskut oat yg saya makan.. manis dia just nice je..
Suka sangat makan biskut ni sebab boleh kenyang jap masa sibuk buat kerja. Dengan masam2 manis cranberry pulak. I like it!

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