Nescafé Gold Cappuccino Ice Cream

4.3 5 0 37 37 The perfect balance of soft and creamy vanilla ice cream, coated in rich and smooth Nescafé Gold coffee.
Nescafé Gold Cappuccino Ice Cream


Something just isn’t right
It’s unbalanced taste turned me off. The coffee taste is too bitter and at the same time feels like crunching too much sugar on its outside coating. Oh my tooth… Creaminess level is ok, but the texture is a bit too soft. I think more coffee is needed in the cream blend rather than being too bitter on the choc coating outside.
So Yummy
The flavour blend well. The coffee.. the creamy taste.. the taste as an ice cream really nice.. Taste good which not to sweet & still can feel the sensation of coffee flavour.
Coffee coated blend well with inside ice cream. Easily melt in your mouth and price is affordable compared to other brands with similar flavours.
you can feel the taste of the coffee in the ice cream.
I like it
I like the icecream. The cappucino is not strong but its compliment the taste of the ice cream. Its also smooth and not as sweet as I expect. otherwise its good. !! recomment!!
The outer layer tastes like bittersweet coffee, which, when bitten with the vanilla ice cream inside creates a smooth, creamy latte-like flavour. A good alternative for those who wants a quick coffee fix when no coffee shops are available.
Nescafé Gold Cappuccino Ice Cream
Untuk penggemar Cappuccino, boleh try, sedap tak manis sangat. Yang tak suka, maybe rasa pahit-pahit sikit. Begitulah
Good Taste
Rich and smooth coffee flavored, sweet but not greasy. Suitable for those like coffee.
Good taste
First time tried was like explosion in my mouth.Strong coffee taste and awesome temptation.
Rasa yang sedap..tekstur yg lembut dan creamy,mewah dan puas hati.
Exquisite ice cream ever
Delicious ice cream that melts in your mouth. The flavour is sweet and it makes your mouth water. It is creamy and it feels smooth in your mouth,you cannot stop eating it. Has a strong coffee flavour mix together with vanilla which makes it wonderful. Quite expensive but definitely worth the money.
rich coffee ice-cream
taste really good, chocolatey and have strong coffee flavor.
Love the kick taste of coffee
I love the Nescafé flavor in the ice cream. I though it's coating with chocolate, but the coating too taste like coffee. The only downside is that the price is almost similar to that same type of ice cream (chocolate coating ice cream) which I think will be preferable and well known
For coffee lovee
Saya suka minum kopi.. tapi aiskrim nie.. sangat terbaik... Bg sye xterlalu manis dan ade rasa pahit kopi... Dan tak muak bila makan...
taste ok
taste : 2/5 very sweet cappuccino not strong enough

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