4 5 0 39 39 <p>Enjoy the moment with NESCAFÉ LatteCaramel in your leisure time. A delicious white, milky, frothy coffee gives you a caramelicious taste in your most comfortable place. A mix of instant coffee, creamer and sugar that is totally convenient for you. It is packaged into an easily accessible single-serve sachet. Add ice in your NESCAFÉ Latte Caramel for better taste!</p>
NESCAFÉ Latte Caramel
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Nescafé 3 in one caramel
It is too sweet but the aroma not bad. For a coffee person like me it taste less coffee but more sweet.
Love the strong smell of coffee!
This coffee doesn't bitter at all! Despite it have quite strong coffee flavors, its really blend together with caramel flavors! Really recommend for those who love light coffee😋
A better Nescafe flavour
Latte caramel is one of the better Nescafe flavours as compared to Mocha or Coconut flavour. It has a smoky caramel taste with strong coffee aroma. Its is on the sweet side but a good choice for indulgence.
It is good for those who want coffee but not too much caffeine and not too much coffee taste. And it is perfect for those who like caramel. Overall is good but it requires 2 or 3 packs for a person who are coffee addicted.
I prefer strong coffee flavor with some bitterness of coffee bean.
my ultimate favourite
my ultimate favourite. have this almost every morning for breakfast.
Too Sweet with Caremel
Not suitable for my family. Too sweet for us. Unable to feel the coffee aroma.
One of my favourite Nescafe varieties. Smooth and creamy taste, but still enough to wake me up on mornings.
in love with nescafe latte caramel,i am a coffee lover and highly recommend..
Very light frothy drink and taste pretty bland. Nice for those who don't prefer strong coffee.
One of my fav! The richness taste of caramel and the good aromatic is delicious. Recommended especially to Caramel lovers!
Its very aromatic. Wonderful for stressful days, as the aroma and taste is very calming.
I'm a coffee lover and I have tried quite a lot varieties of coffee and I'm pretty much disappointed over this particular coffee. It somehow lacks the punch that I want from a coffee and quite bland for me. But probably will drink it if anyone offer it to me. However, I definitely will not buy even if it was during sale.
My absolute fav! Its sweet, creamy and frothy. Also not too strong, suitable for non coffee drinkers. Honestly, it tastes similar to those sold in coffee houses. A definite must have in my stash.
The aroma and the taste of this caramel coffee id delicious.. Once its open the whole room smell of caramel coffee and thats not even mix with hot water yet. Creamy too..........

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