4.4 5 0 28 28 NESCAFÉ Latte Mocha made with real coffee and rich chocolate. It is a sensation brew for chocolate and coffee lovers. With its rich, smooth and chocolatey taste, you will feel that you’re floating on cloud nine by just one sip of this delicious beverage.
NESCAFÉ Latte Mocha
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Perfectly done
I'm so in love with this.. Since I'm a mocha lover and for me this product suits my need... Never regret on purchase it..The taste of coffee and chocolate so blend together... Hope can see this in ice-cream form..hehe
Memang terbaik!!!
Nescafe Latte Mocha juga adalah salah satu perisa yang saya suka. Aroma yang sangat memikat & x perlu tambah susu atau gula, rasanya just nice, sedap. Dan yang paling penting, rasanya tidak pahit. Memang boleh buat jadi ketagih tau.
new favourite.
my new favourite. usually i love latte coffee but after have a taste of this its quickly became my new favourite. totally recommend!
I was worried that drinking coffee at night might cause sleepless night. However, the caffeine in this Latte Mocha did not cause any sleep problem to me. It has chocolatey aroma and the bitterness of coffee is almost near to none (for me). Regarding the taste, one word, heavenly. It is not as sweet as Latte Caramel and Hazelnut.
Taste normal
This flavour are normal to me, i more prefer their Hazelnut coffee
Delicious with taste of chocolate
I've tried Nescafe Latte Mocha and it does not bitter but rich with the taste of chocolate. Definitely this one os my favorite!
I am not a fan of mocha. I did not like the taste of coffee plus chocolate. To me the taste is just so-so. I like nescafe but not nescafe mocha. Other friends like nescafe mocha so much but maybe it is not suitable for my taste buds.
Nescafe latte mocha is one of my favourite. Even with a sip of it the richness can be felt. As a coffee and mocha lover i will put 2 sachet in my drink. Then the kick will come out
As a coffee lover,Nescafe lattee mocha never disappoint me. Love the taste so much! Nice!
The best mocha 3in1 i ever taste..price affordable..easy to make..add some ice will make my drink more wow factor..
As a coffee lover,Nescafe lattee mocha never disappoint me. Love the taste so much! Nice!
I love it...I am not a fan off coffee but this one I like...it doesn't really taste like coffee it taste like chocolate but a little bit more stronger even my children like it.
As a coffee lover,Nescafe lattee mocha never disappoint me. Love the taste so much! Nice!
My favorite Nescafe latte mocha.. so yummy and delicious!! make my life more beautiful with it
The perfect blend of chocolate and coffee. Hot or cold, taste just right. Chocolate lover like me, must try! I have just switched from milo to this :)

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