Nestlé Ice Cream Onde-Onde

4.5 5 0 117 117 Enjoy the authentic Onde-Onde taste with this new refreshing, icy cold treat coated with creamy pandan and coconut ice confection, filled with a surprise gula Melaka and desiccated coconut center.
Nestlé Ice Cream Onde-Onde


A great ice cream for those who like pandan and gula melaka, i am a lover of onde onde, so this is legitly delicious, but senang cair thats all
Aiskrim onde-onde
Sedap sangat. Kena dengan selera saya.bila dah makan memang rasa nk makan berulang ulang..
like to try different kind of ice-cream flavors. I was excited to try this flavor and it was super delicious.
So nice!!!
I’ve one tried it once but omg it’s so good. It really does tastes like kuih onde onde which is my fav! But i don’t think it’s easy to find it anywhere now. I would definitely recommend this product!
Nestlé Ice Cream Onde-Onde
Sangat sedap. Tidak terlalu manis. Dapat rasa onde onde tu. Filing dkt dalam rasa liat liat sikit. Suami & anak pun suka
Sedap gila
Sedap sangat. Rasa kelapa dan melty gula melaka dalam aiskrim. Tak cukup makan satu. Rasa manis-manis exactly macam kueh onde onde.
Worth a try, but wouldn’t repeat
Always love trying out new ice-cream flavours. Was very excited to try this, so I bought one at a petrolmart recently. It’s an interesting adaptation of the Malay dessert, not overwhelmingly sweet, and surprisingly bendy for an ice-cream. The mouth-feel and texture was quite weird, but it captures the gummy-feel of the onde-onde, I suppose.
Now I felt like want to eat onde onde
Taste good. Rasa pandan aroma and not too sweet which i like it so much. Traditional ice cream flavour. Impressive.
Worth your money
Taste like a real onde-onde. Not too sweet and addicting taste. Sure gonna buy it again.
Taste as real onde onde
Not a fans of it, but I buy for my sister more than one piece. After all end up trying and its worth it. I really like the taste, real taste as onde onde. You guys should give it a try!!!
Worth to try
Rasa dia rare macam ada je rasa onde2 tu tp tak authentic. Worth to try tp macam manis sangat. But i think its a wow n good invention for an icecream.
Real taste!
Memang rasa onde-onde. Mula-mula macam tak percaya. Tapi bila dah rasa.. wow! Onde-onde aiskrim!
Taste of Malaysia!
Actually I was attracted by the appearance of the ice cream cause in reality I love onde-onde very much. I had bought it twice cause it have the onde-onde taste but in their own way. Which means in ice cream way. For the first time I tried it, I really surprised because in the middle of the ice cream it is not only the taste of gula melaka, there also mixed coconut in it! It really amazing for the ice cream to follow the way of Malay cuisines!
Real Onde-Onde Taste
This is the best that I’ve ever tried. Sedap gilerrrr I tell you cuma dia manis sikit, tapi serious sumpah sedap. Real taste of Onde-Onde, rasa dia original tak authentic. Siapa yang belum try should try this. Please try, but not everyday sebab dia manis sikit. I suka.
Great taste!
I love this ice cream. Not to sweet match my sweetness level. It also not easy melt. Perfect for hot weather.

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