4.4 5 0 68 68 This Mickey-shaped ice cream is made of delicious vanilla ice cream swirled with velvety salted caramel sauce and coated with rich milky chocolate which makes it a delectable picturesque treat!
Nestlé Mickey Ice Cream
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Tasty but too sweet
Overall the ice cream is good texture and taste but only advisable to take one stick a month because it is too sweet.. but maybe for others they prefer something sweet then its okay.. for me i will eat half of the chocolate coated only...
Sangat sedap
Sangat sedap anak2 pun suka... Berbaloi dengan harga... Tiada muak..
Its delicious
This ice cream taste different from other ice cream. The chocolate coated very soft not crack when you bite to it. A bit sweet to me but it was delicious 😍
It's a bit sweer but still good, it's taste just like the Panda one but still tasty
Masa beli x expect apa pon..still bila makan pehhh ..terbaik rasa dia..choc pon sedap selevel la ngan ice cream mahal tu..sedap sgt ..so far this is my fav !!cuma a bit too sweet ..still apalah ice cream kalo x manis kn..masih bole terima lg
Sweetness overload! But I like it and the crunchy sound whenever I bite into it make it sound so satisfying. The flavour is vanila icecream coated with milk chocolate on the outside. The shape is real, same as the packaging. Please try them.
Sedap, harga mahal sikit sebab beli kt stesen minyak. Okeyla budak2 pun suka.
Cute as Mickey
It’s so difficult to buy in the beginning! Always out of stocks, but luckily I’m able to taste it finally! Can be slightly sweet for some people but it’s really nice treat
Best ice cream in my life!
I swear this is the best ice cream i ever had😭 one is not enough cause the ice cream really taste delicious and chocolatey. Can really know that the chocolate used for this ice cream is a quality one!
Sedap dan murah
Produk ini sangat sedap dan harganya murah serta mudah didapati di mana mana kedai serbaneka.
i have tried this ice cream and i like about the taste off but the chocolate outside is not good
Saya dah cuba aiskrim ni. sedap dan anak-anak saya sangat suka. comel
Pricey, Tastes Good but a little sweet
It has a caramel fill inside so it is a little sweet Recommended, But Not for people with diabetes. So far the chocolate tastes like Magnum style. I like it, its okay I think.
Quite pricey but the taste is so so. Since i read online people said this ice cream are being sell in disneyland so i give a try. I don't think i will buy again. Not a fan of this ice cream
Bentuk aiskrim yang menarik. Pembungkusan yang bagus dan kreatif. Gabungan perisa sesuai untuk lapisan umur tetapi sangat manis untuk kanak kanak dan dewasa . Sekali sekala boleh makan.

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