Nestle Mochi Matcha Red Bean

4.7 5 0 128 128 Imagine eating a chewy, soft mochi with Matcha flavoured frozen confection and hearty red bean filling after breaking fast. This sensational mochi ice cream is sure to give you a winding down moment from all the tiredness and scorching heat this month.
Nestle Mochi Matcha Red Bean


Mochi nestle
Not too sweet. Just nice taste. Suitable for kids, easy to handle it. Not to chewy like real mochi
Cheap Frozen Matcha Mocha Selling High
I bought this when seeing it at Giant. I regretted buying it so much! The ice cream taste like frozen matcha mochi, but is actually low quality cheap green tea mochi. The mochi skin is so inelastic and non-chewy. After eating, can taste the flour. My stomach feels pain due to indigestion after eating the mochi skin. The ice cream is awful too. Doesn't taste like matcha at all. Just some low quality green tea with whipped cream. Such a shame for them to sell such low quality ice cream at RM3~4.
Yummy Japanese dessert treat
This sweet treat is definitely a keeper. Bought many times and ate too much coz it's just too good. Soft and chewy skin, paired with the ice cream that melts in the mouth and delicious red bean - the perfect combination. One is not enough!
Sedap aiskrim mochi ni since sy mochi lover. Sesuai sgt combi dgn inti kacang merah.
Love The New Flavourrrr
I love mochi so i tried this flavour. I like it ! Its combination of matcha and red bean paste. Love it so much. I really recommended to everyone to but this. You all will not regret. Repeat again!
Worth trying!
The matcha taste really good
Soft mochi skin, creamy smooth matcha Ice cream, not too sweet, just nice quantity of red bean since I don't really like red bean
Delightful Japanese treat
Nestle Mochi Matcha Red Bean is a delightful Japanese treat. The chewy mochi exterior is filled with rich matcha flavor and sweet red bean paste, creating a harmonious balance of tastes. A must-try for those who enjoy traditional Japanese desserts.
Sedap sangat since I’m matcha lover!! Red bean tu agak manis. Tp sedap la
Good combination
Rasa sedap mochi combine with red beans.rasa yang unik bila gigit waktu sejuk
im mochi lover. mochi matcha is like perfect match but the red bean is just so so. but the skin is soft. love it
Sangat sangat sedap,akan beli lagi selepas ini....
Ice cream
I think its quite okay because its not really my taste,and i dont really like red bean which explain the rating.However,if you love red bean,then you definitely going to love this .
sedapp…combination yg sesuai kacang merah dgn icecream..
Craving satisfied
Matcha + ice cream + red bean = my favorite. The size is a bit small, but the taste is so yummy. I often buy this mochi ice cream whenever I purchase fuel. The price is not so reasonable; I hope the size will be a bit bigger.

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