NESTLÉ Musang King

4.6 5 0 48 48 Nestlé Malaysia’s Musang King ice cream is made from actual Musang King durians. For durian lovers, we surmise it will beat all the ice cream flavours that they’ve tasted in their lifetimes, given how rich Musang King durians are.
NESTLÉ Musang King


Memang Terbaik
Kesedapannya tidak diragui. Terasa duriannya yang begitu memikat hati. Memang tak boleh berhenti bila makan. Macam tak nak kongsi dengan orang lain dah.
Durian lover must try
I love it! the smell and the taste! It is a good product with the taste is similar to durian. But it is on the pricy side
Aiskrim Musang king
Rasa durian yang asli.Sedap sangat.sekali makan pasti rasa nak lagi...
Musang king Ice Cream
Sangat sedap. Seperti makan durian yang sebenar. Anak- anak pun menyukainya
Ice cream
For durian lover u shoul try this ice cream really2 good
Musang king ori
Saya bukan pengemar aiskrim durian tapi saya pengemar durian. Aiskrim ni sedap, yang tak suka aiskrim durian akan suka rasanya
most love
using real musangking meat , smell good and taste creamy, me and family love it so much
Sedap sangat
Ais krim kayangan yang sedap dengan harga pun kayangan.. patut cuba
Sangat sedap
Untuk pencinta durian seperti saya memang sedap sangat pertama kali mencubanya.Ais krim Nestle Musang King ini berbaloi harga dia.Boleh beli lagi.
Satisfied Durian Craving
Durian price for ice-cream and to crave your durian urge. Bought 1 time. Will reconsider for 2nd purchase.
There is durian flesh
Ate it in my friend's house and it amazed me. It really taste good and you can eat the durian flesh also. We made fried ice cream ball and it's so nice. Btw. it's a bit sweet.
Aiskrim ni sgt sedap and murah compare dgn aiskrim musangking flavor yg lain. So kalau craving nak mkn durian tp bukan musim, this is the solution! Harga pun mampu milik.
My bf bought this from Jaya Grocer. What else can I say... I got to taste the musang king flesh even though it's very small bits... Not to mention my cat likes it too
it tasted not really nice
I'm a big fan of durian so I def wanted to try this. But not really my cup of tea. The taste is kinda artificial and the hint of durian is light. I never bought again.
I got addicted with this icecream
Omggggg this is super good icecream and cheap ice cream kalau Korang nk makan musang king and tak MAMPU nk beli yg buah Korang boleh try yg ni sumpah 100 Sama mcm buah musang king😭😭 ❤️

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