4.3 5 0 53 53 Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser lathers to luxurious, creamy foam that removes up to 99% of skin impurities in the pores. Its oil control formula helps reduce surface oil while retaining the skin's natural moisture balance for clearer, healthier-looking skin.
Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser
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It does deep clean of my face and doesn't feel dry after use.
Great face cleanser
This face cleanser has been part of my day/night skin care routine back then when I was in university. I have combination type skin and this cleanser works well in removing any dirts and sunscreen residues on my face. The price point is reasonable too.
Best cleanser for oily skin
Neutrogena cleanser are well-known as one of the best deep clean cleanser, for oily skin, they might felt their skin will be seriously clean (squeaky clean) but for those who deal with dry or dehydrated skin, might not love this cleanser
Good for oily skin
Neutrogena always good for oily skin, it cleanse without making it feel dry. Only it smells a little weird.
good for dry skin
Good for dry skin.. Does not leave your skin inching after using it.. Skin feels soft and gentle
thick consistency, so so moisturizing effect (50-50). can be dry sometime but really good in doing the cleansing job.
Great amazing cleanser
I have been using this project since last year and my pores are definitely smaller. Texture of my face is smoother and cleaner looking. I would recommend this to anyone wanting an efficacious cleanser which is within budget for all.
not for dry skin
it makes the skin more dry that you will need to use moisturiser. but it is good to remove light make up
Lepas guna pencuci ni,seriously kulit dah tak dry .. lepas cuci muke pun tak ketat .. kulit jadi moist sgt ❤
clean, fresh and easy to carry in your bag
I love this product because it is suitable for my oily skin type, value for money and easy to carry in my handbag (unlike the liquid pump type which tend to spill during travelling)
Good product
this cleanser is totally awesome. after cleansing my skin look so fresh.
Clean and fresh
The product is good for oily skin. When you use it, it feels like your skin is super clean and comfortable.
Free your skin from oily skin
Must try product. I have tried it and my skin free from oil when I wash my face using this cleanser.
Nice facial wash
It foams up nicely, gentle and not drying on my skin. Suitable for my oil/combination acne skin, I used it everyday. Skin feels soft after washing.
untuk kulit berminyak
sangat bagus untuk kulit berminyak dan sensitif. Tidak menyebabkan kulit kering.

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