4.6 5 0 336 336 Enjoy the wholesome goodness of NH Nutri Grains Purple Sweet Potato & Matcha. <p>This delicious beverage is perfectly blended with 20 nutrient-rich grains that provides vital nutrients your body needs, so your family can gain their daily nutritional fix in every glass.<p>
NH Nutri Grains - Multi Grains Drink
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Healthy, Hassle-free, tasty
NH NutriGrains is healthy and nutritious and makes a great breakfast! Its 20 nutrient-rich whole grains content helps to fulfill my daily nutritional needs. I love its heart-warming and delicious taste too. #htcmyxNHNutriGrains, #NHNutriGrains, #hometesterclubmy
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small yet fullfilling drink
Quite like it as it has a lot of nutrients in a small sachet #htcmyxNHNutriGrains, #NHNutriGrains, #hometesterclubmy
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Healthy and easy to prepare the meal
NH Nutri gains paling mudah untuk diambil sebelum atau selepas bersenam dengan nutrisi dan khasiat yang banyak..sangat memenuhi keperluan sarapan saya. #htcmyxNHNutriGrains #NHNutriGrains #hometesterclubmy
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#htcmyxNHNutriGrains, #NHNutriGrains, #hometesterclubmy Produk ini sedap , ahli keluarga saya sangat menyukai terutama perisa purple sweet potato.
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这个NH牌子是绝对值得信赖,我其实之前想买很久,但是担心它会很甜,感恩有机会让我尝试了,我很喜欢,家里以后绝对有NH Nutri grains的出现,谢谢给我机会品尝。
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NH Nutri Gains is a healthy & delicious breakfast drink for me & my family. It contains whole grains and help fullfill my daily nutritional needs. The taste is delicious and all of us love it so much. #htcmyxNHNutriGrains, #NHNutriGrains, #hometesterclubmy
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mula rasa pelik tapi bila dah minum terasa kenikmatannya sedap dan mengenyangkan terus jatuh cinta
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Tasty, nutritious drinks that can give me enjoyable simple tea break yet provide full nutritious to me.
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Saya sangat suka NHN nutrigain yang berperisa uni unggu rasanya yang lemak ,enak dan sangat halus ia sangat sesuai dengan citarasa saya dan boleh diminum secara panas @sejuk nikmatnya.
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Taste good, not so sweet, it make you feel full in the morningb #htcmyxNHNutriGrains #NHNutriGrains #hometesterclubmy
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The taste is nice, delicious. It’s very convenient and healthy breakfast especially for those working mummy like us who very rushing in the morning time. Highly recommended!
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Healthy and Tasty. I like NH Nutrition Grains so much!
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This is a healthy drink for family. However does not taste good. May need to improve on taste. Otherwise, nutritious choice!
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I've tried both flavours and I prefer the sweet potato as it is sweeter than matcha. But both types contain adequate vitamin and mineral needed by our body.
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I make a cup of NH Nutri Grains in office and the whole office colleagues smells it!
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