4.5 5 0 33 33 <p>The new NIVEA Body Oil in Lotion is a must lotion to apply before you go out! The soothing jojoba oil, and the sweet smell of cherry blossom will provide you deep moisture for 24 hours so that you can have soft and radiant skin! </p>
Nivea Cherry Blossom & Jojoba Oil Body Lotion
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I really love the smell of this lotion. It is quickly absorb by the skin so u wont feel any feelings of oily on your skin. Definitely worth buying!!!
Bau wangi dan memberi kelembapan kulit yang maximum
This sweet smelling lotion is great for night use. It also soothe the skin especially after a hot day. However if you sleep in an airconditioned room, do slather this a bit extra so you wake up with a well moiturized skin.
I love this location keeps me soft my skin and dry it all and it smells really good so happy
I love this location keeps me soft my skin and dry it all and it smells really good so happy
Best thing is it keeps my body moisturized. Smells good too
I bought the smaller bottle of Nivea Cherry Blossom and Jojoba Oil Body Lotion 200ml to try and I loved it! Pleasant smelling of Cherry Blossom, anything with Cherry Blossom in it usually smells good and this certainly does a good job of moisturizing my skin (lotion has Jojoba Oil which aids in deep moisturization and skin hydration) and I've gotten compliments for smelling nice with it! Would definitely get the bigger bottle (which comes with a pump-400ml) and also eager to try out Nivea's Rose and Argan Oil body lotion too.
Bought this for my sister and her skin looks more moisturized when she goes out.
This product helps ease my dry skin and keeps it moist through out the day. Spending long hours in air conditioned environment tends to dry up my skin easily but due to the presence of jojoba oil in the lotion, it keeps the level of moisture my skin require. The cherry blossom scent is a bonus. I would definitely recommend this product to dry skin users.
Bau wangi dan memberi kelembapan kulit yang maximum
One of my favourite! I love the smell so much and it makes my skin more softer and moisture. Nivea always the best!
I am nivea user since 12 years old until 32 now! No word can describe how awesome it is..Love..love. 😘😘
Sy kerje dalam aircon...kulit sy sgt2 kering...bil sy mengunakan nivea cherry Blossom nie kulit sy jd lembab dan lembut
I love everything from Nivea and this is one of them. It is super moisturizing and stays on my skin quite few hours.
i want to try this, i heard about this and Niva is always rock

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