NUTOX Advanced Serum Concentrate

4.6 5 0 324 324 Be amazed when you can have smoother and firmer skin with the newly formulated NUTOX Advanced Serum Concentrate. Enhanced with Actigenic+ Technology and 2x more Bird's Nest, this lightweight serum speeds up the production of skin's collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid - so you can now look your youngest in just 7 days.
NUTOX Advanced Serum Concentrate


Mudah serap, tidak melekit, senng diguna
Saya sangat menyukai serum.nutox ini kerana bagi saya ianya sangat berkesan dalam mengurangkan kedutan di wajah saya
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maaf, tiada perubahan pada wajah saya
Secara jujur, kebetulan saya telah membeli Nutox Advance serum concentrate ketika mendapat sample daripada Home tester club. Saya telah menggunakan Nutox tersebut untuk 3 bulan dan bersambung lagi 3 bulan. Malangnya saya tidak merasa apa-apa perubahan pada wajah saya. Wajah saya tetap sama seperti sebelum menggunakannya. Maaf, saya tidak menyukainya.
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Non-greasy, easy to apply
This product is non-greasy serum. Easy to apply. My main concern is crow's feet and some lines but Nutox serum is unable to help me. The smell is rather unpleasent to me. I have used to more than 7 days but it seems not to be effective
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Easy to use and non-sticky
I would recommend Nutox Advanced Serum Concentrate to friends.
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  • Home Tested with free product
rejuvenete, smooth and visible
This face serum delivers on the results within after just a few days of twice-daily use, my skin looked radiant and younger. I had an illumination to my skin, and I even saw an improvement in my skin tone.My skin looked brighter and skin tone looked more even after just a few days of use; impressive immediate results and i recommended to all my friends and it is worth to buy. Thank you for choosing me to try it and i really appreciated. thanks again. #htcmyxNUTOXSerum #hometesterclubmy
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The best serum that suit my skin.
I've been using nutox serum since the last 10 years. And i changed to other range for 2 months before the tester came in my mailbox. I switch to use the trial given and it so comforting, it could see my skin looks healthier and radiance after using it. Its the best serum that suit my skin, will always be my choice.
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Ringan, wangi, tidak melekit
Saya sangat sukakan Nutox Advanced Serum Concentrate kerana tidak melekit, tekstur yg ringan pada kulit dan bau wangi yang sangat menyenangkan bila disapu pada kulit membuatkan saya rasa sangat selesa dan tenang. Kini saya telah menjadi pengguna yang setia kepada Nutox Advanced Serum Concentrate #htcmyxNUTOXSerum #hometesterclubmy
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Slow effect
I have been using the Nutox Advanced Serum Concentrate for more than 7 days. But to my skin, it doesn't really show much effect as I expected. My wrinkles and lines slowly become less appearing after the 10 days of using it. But the good part of this product is that it proven to makes my skin smoother but not really moisturizing that much. The effect of the serum is slower than expected for my skin (and I am 43 years old) and I would suggest that if the a person by age of 25 years old and above starts using it, it can be very much useful and effective.
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Light, effective, easy
Love the serum, very light and quickly absorbs into my skin
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Affordable anti-aging serum
I have been trying this product day and night with my other skincare products (hydration range) for 7 days. I am okay with its result delivered. Its textures might look abit thick but quickly absorb into my skin. It is non-greasy and non-sticky. Upon application, my skin feels supple and nourishes instantly. I can feel my skin tighten at that point but my laugh line still visible. Maybe the result will be more prominent upon longer period of application. Acceptable light fragrance. #htcmyxNUTOXSerum #hometesterclubmy
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sangat lembut
#htcmyxNUTOXSerum and #hometesterclubmy serum yang amat sesuai untuk kulit wajah saya
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Dengan Nutox kulit lebih pinky2 gitu.
Wajib cuba uols , kalau nak kulit lebih remaja dan pinky pinky dengan cara Selamat #htcmyxNUTOXSerum and #hometesterclubmy
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Berkesan untk kulit saya
Nutox advanced Serum sesuai merawat sunburn di kulit muka saya
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