5 5 0 6 6 <li>Oatmilk powder in sachet packaging</li> <li>Available in 3 SKUs – Oat Milk, Chocolate Oatmilk and Oat </li>Milk with Oats & Chia Seeds</li> <li>Contains beta-glucan</li> <li>No nasty ingredients, junk or fillers</li> <li>No artificial colours & flavours</li> <li>No preservatives</li> <li>Non-GMO</li> <li>NO gum & thickeners</li> <li>Dairy-free</li>


Creamy and taste like Horlicks. I drank it as by mixing it with one cup of warm water or I pour the creamy mixture onto my organic steel oats for a healthy breakfast/overnight oats.
Very good
Decided to give boxed oatmilk a try since I quite like oatmilk by itself and truly was not disappointed. The milk is thick for oatmilk standards, not too sweet and can definitely taste the oaty goodness. Chocolate one is good!
Great taste
Decide to give a try since it’s a healthy and low calories drink. Suitable during diet time and people who is currently going for a weight management! The fast of chocolate is rich, and very smooth! Not that sweet.
Love the taste so much!
I knew this product from Fish Live Show. At first thought just try for fun, but once tasted it, love it so much! It wont taste too sweet, especially the oatmilk with chia seed is the best! The chocolate one also taste so premium chocolaty taste! Will purchase it again after finishing the stock that i piled up.
convenient on-the-go oatmilk!
Drawn to the cute packaging :) I like the convenient sachet form that is easy to bring around. Tastes good and ideal meal replacement for breakfast
Great Taste!
Yummy natural oat taste! feel so healthy after drinking it. Will definitely consume it for long time of period! Highly recommended.

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