Oreo - Red Velvet

4.1 5 0 55 55 Take a delicious break with this new twist on the classic favorite of millions around the world. They can be used to wonderfully compliment recipes and desserts or just dunk one into a glass of milk and enjoy it just like that!
Oreo - Red Velvet


Interesting taste
If you are not a sweet lover this is not for you. It is definitely more sweeter than the original Oreo. The combination of red velvet brings in a unique creamy taste. The color is also super cool as its red in color! Overall not a really bad combination, just nice.
Maybe not for chocolate lover
the Oreo red velvet flavor may not suitable for chocolate lover as it just the cream taste with biscuit, nothing special for me
too sweet
i like the original more compared to red velvet because it is too sweet
agak manis
sangat teruja mencubanya buat kali pertama dan anak-anak sangat mengemarinya tetapi bagi saya tidak sesuai untuk kanak-kanak kerana rasa terlalu manis..
Delicious !
I was attracted by the vibrant red colour but was impressed by the taste. It is a little sweet but I'm fine with that. It didn't really taste like red velvet to me but it does taste good. Totally recommend !
So delicious
Oreo red velvet is so delicious, not so sweet,very suitable for breakfast or tea time.
Manis,rasa mcm kek red velvet
Yg ni rasa dia maniss.for me better oreo choc yg biasa tu.Tapi x rugi pun kalau nk rasa sekali sekala utk sambut new year.ni limited edition kn!
Dalam banyak-banyak perisa oreo saya suka perisa red velvet ini.Kena dengan citarasa saya.Cuma krim dia manis sikit.Overall sedap.Cuma susah nak jumpa dikedai-kedai perisa Red Velvet ni.
The best flavor Oreo has produced yet!
Absolutely delicious! If you love Red Velvet you will love this limited edition Oreo flavor. Get them while they're still available you wont be disappointed! A note for buyers the cookie is that of a normal Oreo just dyed red, but the inside is real cream cheese different to the regular Oreo and it is what makes this cookie truly amazing.
Red Velvet so yummy 👍
Firstly I bought it at KL, last year Christmas, my son love it so much, it's so delicious and good👍, One of the awesome product by Oreo , the best cream red velvet.❤️
Should try Oreo!
Oreo red velvet is unexpectedly good, in my opinion i prefer it most as compare to other Oreo choices. And one and only Red Velvet range that I would try again and again.
Crunch crunch
Ada beli sekali sebelum pkp dulu. Rasanya macam kek red velvet. Rindu pulak nak makan kek tu
rasa terlalu manis
saya dan anak sememangnya peminat biskut oreo coklat dan kek red velvet. anak begitu teruja bila tahu oreo ada mengeluarkan biskut ini, tetapi biskut oreo red velvet ini terlalu manis dari yang sebelum ini.
Manis melekat
Manis yang kuat, kalau jenis anak tidak berapa menggemari makanan terlampau manis. Kemungkinan besar produk ini bukan pilihan untuk dimakan selalu.
So so
It does taste nice but a bit too sweet for me as I personally don't have strong sweet tooth. Hope they can come out a less sugar version of oreo.

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