Oxy Cover Acne Pimple Treatment

4.3 5 0 29 29 Use Oxy Cover Acne Pimple Treatment, now with 10% Benzoyl Peroxide that effectively kills acne bacteria that cause pimples. It also helps dry up excessive oil and unblock pores that are clogged by blackheads and oily secretions, so that you can have a clear and acne free skin instantly.
Oxy Cover Acne Pimple Treatment


Great to cover pimple
Used this back in high school. It does the job but really need to be careful using this because of the ingredients. It’s sometimes left marks on my clothes. Make sure to use moisturizer to avoid skin being too dry.
Good to cover & treat the acne
I have oily, acne prone & sensitive skin. Whenever im broke out i will apply this during the day & sometimes during the night too. Its better to purchase this alone as it cam use to cover (during the day) & treat acne (during day & night). Its working as i can feel itchy (because of bacteria on the acne) when i apply it. Even though it takes a while but my cystic acne does calm down & disappear after using it.
Good to cover pimple
Oxy cover ni elok kalau nak guna waktu siang hari. Compare nak guna yg oxy [email protected] Sbb oxy [email protected] tu warna putih n obvious sgt kalau guna. Oxy cover ni mcm ala ala foundation warna nye. So utk ni ok kalau siang hari nak guna ubat jerawat, tp xnak tunjuk ke org. Tapi, apa yg x bestnya, kalau nak gunakan bedak selepas tu mmg bcapuk. So dia ok klu nak guna d ruma je. Sbb klu nak kluar n guna benda ni mmg klu dr dekat nampak bcapuk. But still benda ni highly recommended sbb bantu kecutkan jerawat tanpa harus guna ubat jerawat yg warna putih.
strongly recommend
I have been using it since middle school. Works for my pimples everytime, it usually takes about 2-3 days to shrink the pimples. The best thing is that this cream is skin tone colour. I highly recommend this product, especially for those who want to hide/cover their pimples but at the same time to treat it .
Sangat bagus
Bagus untuk korang yang ada jerawat sekali pakai dah nampak kesan dia
good product quality
quite good for acne skin, and this Oxy Cover Acne like foundation color better than their other product that can cover acne .
Cover and heal
i like this concealing effect because it treats the pimple and then i can apply makeup over it and the pimple is no longer red
Life saver
Pimples!really stressed by it.but luckily i found oxy cover acne..i work really fast,just applied it on the pimple.overnight as its already reduced. This product is a must for me!thanks to it i can always be confident
Help fight pimples
Memang berkesan. Dalam tempoh semalaman dah nampak jerawat makin mengecut. Kalau konsisten guna setiap malam, memang bole hilang jerawat dalam masa 5 hari.
My acne goes away.
It is beneficial to use for covering acne spots. Used this every time I have acne. It helps in treating my stubborn acne. If you have normal acne, I don't suggest you to use this because the % of benzoyl peroxide is quite high. It might cause drying and peeling. Other than that, it may also cause darker acne scar. After all this product is really good for me.
The strength is probably way too high for me because when i put it on my acne, my skin tingled and burned. Choose strength that suits u.
have used it. really cover my acne and reduce the size of it.
I’ve tried this during my teens but it’s a bit dying for me... So be sure to moisturize nicely.
It really cover and look as foundation. Will buy soon more!
This product is quite good for acne prone skin if you dont really want to use foundation to cover the pimple. It's worked for me. didn't irritate my skin

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