4.7 5 0 65 65 <p>Palmer’s All-Over Body Firming Lotion helps to tone and tighten skin. It combined cocoa butter with ginseng, Q10 and other ingredients to help lift and moisturize your skin.</p> <p>Apply to thighs, legs, stomach and bust twice daily.</p>
Palmer’s All-Over Body Firming Lotion
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Saya ingin memcuba Palmer’s All-Over Body Firming Lotion kerana ia dapat menegang dan melembapkan kulit lebih-lebih lagi dengan cuaca negara yang panas.
It's look good to my skin,I want to try this..but where to buy it?
sy belum pernah mencuba, tetapi ingin mencuba kerana sy menghadapi masalah kulit kering. Palmer's All over body firming lotion mungkin dpt membantu sy merawat masalh sy ini
This product looks very promising! I'd love to try it out as i need moisturising for my skin!
It feels good. My skin feels smooth like a baby skin right after use but quite sticky at first.

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