Pantene pro- V Perfect + on Conditioner No Rinse conditioner

4.3 5 0 4 4 This tiny bottle contains 20x dosages of hair vitamin to nourish your hair! With its light formula, it’s easily absorbed so your hair is even smoother and more manageable. Worry not, this no rinse conditioner is also guaranteed to make your hair looks bouncy and insta-smooth, anytime, anywhere!
Pantene pro- V Perfect + on Conditioner No Rinse conditioner


Really recommend
Gentle and smell good for my messy hair. Its easy use to rinse and smell good lasting for 2-3 days.
Bau tahan lama
Bau dia sangat wangi dan tahan lama. Utk perempuan berhijab mcm saya, saya selesa utk menggunakan produk ini.
It work well with my hair
If you have oily type hair i recommended this because it really smoothen my hair without feel oily although it doen not require rinse off the conditioner
It is nice on my frizzy hair, you should try it is very useful. You can use before the shampoo or leave it without a rinse. This is very recommended for everyone who has problem

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