4 5 0 6 6 Experience the familiarity of Pepsi Black while exploring a zesty ginger taste from Pepsi Ginger.
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Good taste
The sharp ginger taste make it more refreshing and less queasiness after taste. Each can / 500ml serving bottle just give enough satisfaction as it does not addictive to crave some more in a while.
Very good
I like it very much..at first I was like .. seriously Pepsi ginger??!Haha..I use to make and drink ginger tea so ginger drink no big deal for me.After try this,I just fell in love with it..good job Pepsi!!
Great taste
I was surprised with the taste combination. It has the spicyness and fragrant of ginger. The ginger taste is not strong.
No more bloated stomach after this
I don't like ginger taste but surprisingly this ginger taste is acceptable and the most important it can help to reduce gas in stomach and feel warm after drink it especially in a cold aircond room
Great taste
Its has the great ginger taste to it and tasted even better with pepsi.. Wayy better than all the other ginger drinks out there.
Yang bestnya pepsi ini mampu buang angin dalam badan. Siapa banyak angin boleh cuba pepsi ginger ini.

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