4.3 5 0 6 6 It's light and brings out the makeup results you want for up to 12 hours - that's the beauty of using PIXY UV Whitening 4 Beauty Benefits BB Cream. Experience its four excellent beauty benefits on your skin– whitening, protecting, moisturising and beautifying.
PIXY UV Whitening 4 Beauty Benefits BB Cream
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Its cheap BB cream that's work
Buy this because my foundation is finish but my favorite foundation are sold out. Since it's so cheap, so i try. The color seem too light to me but when i blend to my skin its oxidize. It's blend so nice but its bb cream so its just light coverage. Does have strong smell that i dont like, but it brighten a bit my skin.
Mudah, Simple
Tekstur cecair yang ringan di kulit sangat mudah blend sama ada guna jari, berus atau span. Rasa glowing lepas pakai n tahan lama kat kulit depends kuantiti ketebalan kita pakai. Overall sangat puas hati buatkan kulit rasa matte tak kering menaikkan seri wajah lagi. Sangat disyorkan terutama yang tidak suka bermekup. Pakai ni je dah cukup simple.
Bb cream pixy
Saya dapat ini sebagai hadiah. Nice coverage. Small and easy to bring. Sesuai dengan tona kulit. Natural look.
Good coverage.
This bb cream from pixy have a medium coverage and matte finishing. Whoever have an oily skin, it may recommended for you guys. The texture is quite thick for a bb cream. But i still love it.
Tahan lama
Saya sudah mencubanya teksturnya sangat lembut dan tidak berminyak bila dipakai dan membuat saya selesa sepanjang hari
ive been using this product for months.. sometimes when i lazy to put foundation, i just grab this cause the finish is as smooth as using foundation. plus, it has uv protection to keep my skin from sunlight. and it is 12 hours long wearing.

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