5 5 0 5 5 Having menopause can be a real blow to your body, especially when your hair starts thinning with premature fall-outs. Plantur 39 Phyto- Caffeine Shampoo helps improves resilience to your hair with its white tea extract and activates your hair roots to prevent hair loss with the Phyto-caffeine complex.
Plantur 39 Phyto- Caffeine Shampoo
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Plantur 39
I'd been facing with dry & damaged hair few years ago. Since then, I'd been trying many shampoo & conditioner brand to meet my concern on this matter. But yet, I still can't find one & rather use hair oil or serum in order to keep up my hair instead of keep looking for a better shampoo or conditioner Until finally, I'd give it a try to this brand & it really feels change a bit. My hair did feels soft & light besides of ease on brush on it as it does no more frizzy as before.Totally awesome!
Hair saviour with Plantur 39 Phyto
When you reach 40 years old, you may notice some of changes that makes you feel uneasy such as falling hairs. So when i found out that I have this symptom, I have tried the shampoo which I feel it might be work on my hair after I keep changing the shampoo brands. Yes, this time my heart is right. After 1 week, the hair is less falling. The smell is great too. Now, almost 3 months, I've no doubt that I've made the right choice.
sangat berkesan
saya da cuba sangat berkesan kerana rambut saya da kurang gugur,terbaik👍🏻
I purchased this shampoo a few weeks ago it is amazing it certainly stops hair falling out when washed and dried
Tak penah tgk lagi produk ni dipasaran.. kalau nak bagi cuba boleh juga

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