4.5 5 0 4 4 Make cleansing fun with POND's Mineral Clay Facial. Formulated with 100% natural origin Moroccan clay and active ingredients, it absorbs dirt 4x better and enriches your skin with bio-minerals for a super bouncy glow.
Pond's Mineral Clay Facial Foam
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Good for combination skin
It might be good for people that have combination skin or normal skin type as it is not drying and felt moist after cleansing.
Pond Mineral Clay
I have tried the charcoal types. I like the texture, not too sticky and the foam easily to foam. My face feel soft and clean after used it.
Pond's Mineral Clay Foaming Face Wash (Instant Brightness)
In love with Pond's Mineral Clay face wash because its give me oil-free glowing skin. The texture is a creamy clay which smells amazing and leaves the skin deeply cleansed without the tight/rough feeling. It really worked well for me and my skin!
Kalau semua nak tahu saya guna cleanser ni dah lama tau . saya guna yang warna pink tu . sekarang ni saya dah 21 . saya start guna dari umur 16 tahun lagi . best sebab muka saya tak kering pun guna cleanser ni . lagi satu muka saya jadi lebih cwrah hehe

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