4.6 5 0 122 122 Prego, introduces its first fun-shaped dry pasta for kids, made with natural tomato and spinach powder enabling mums to sneak the goodness of vegetables into their kids' meal!
Prego Buddies
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Anak-anak Suka
Sesuai untuk pelbagaikan menu untuk anak2. Shape & colour sangat menarik. Anak-anak saya sangat suka.
My son loves it!
Thank you for the variety of shapes, my son loves to eat this. As for cooking time, it is very convenient because it doesnt take long to cook and also the taste of the vegetable are very subtle hence makingn it perfect for picky eaters.
Fun pasta
My nephew (5 yo) loves this so much. We even tried the safari and ocean theme!
Own product review
Always buy for my kids, they love the colour and shape.Ideally If have biggger package as i have 3 kids eating together
Prego buddies
i cook this prego to my 1st son,he like when i cook with carbonara,he also like the design,got shape different from others brand.This brand also easy to cook,and dont take too long.
Fun shape
Just bought from market.My son absolutely loves it. The shapes and colors make it attractive for kids.
fun shape
got a sample from school. kids like the shape & color but could not say the same thing for the texture. even after cooking for 10 minutes, it is still chewy. not to our liking.
Bagi anak-anak yang picky eater, korang patut cuba ni. confirm mereka suka
Affordable and cute
My son absolutely loves it. The shapes and colors make it attractive for kids.
cute for kids
cute and easy to prepare. able to make little one happy while having his own meal
Kids love it so much
The kids are so happy when I cook this "ordinary shape" pasta and they will request for 2nd servings after finished. Kids finished, mom happy.
preggo buddies
bentuk pasta yang comel dan menarik. Anak-anak menyukainya!
Kids love it
My kids love the shapes and it taste as good as normal pasta.
Not a fan
I've try this but don't really like it because it is chewable and not really good fir kids because of the food colouring.. price wise a bit expensive won't consider to buy it but other products from this brand is fine

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