5 5 0 6 6 Inspired by the beloved German stick pretzel, savour a new cheese flavoured crunchy biscuit with Pretz Slim Melted Cheese. This crispy, slim-rod shaped snack is enjoyable by all– so munch on it anytime, anywhere.
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Crunchy and mouth watering
Love the salty melted cheese taste ! Each stick wrapped with the cheese which makes me mouth watering ! I really like the crunchiness of pretz ~ I really recommend this to all of you as it is tasty !
Masa beli 3 paket. Balik rumah tinggal sepeket je. Duk berebut2 sampai tak teringat yang tuan beli belum makan. Tapi sedap rasa cheese.
my son love it
It taste like biscuit stick.. cheese nye terasa dimulut.
Teruja dengan kesedapan
Sejenis kudapan yg lazat. Mudah di bawa bila travel dan sy sgt teruja dgn kelazatannya yg penuh rasa keju, rangup dan mudah di kunyah.saya tak pernah miss lah bawak nie bila travel.. Wajib.dan i love it
It taste like biscuit stick.. Yummy to eat.. My son loves it
love it
My favorite pretzels! I use these in recipes and just for snacking. These are great in the baked Chex Mix people make around the holidays, and in trail mix. I make my own trail mix for my husband and sometimes include these pretzels. My daughter prefers the sticks to the twists. I have these at almost every party I host in a little bowl. No dip needed, they taste good on their own!

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