Pringles Tortilla Corn Chips Sour Cream & Onion

4.4 5 0 34 34 <p>Pringles introduced you tortilla corn chip that tastes so good that you don't need dip. It is a perfect blend of sour cream and onion flavor. The Pringles Tortilla Corn Chips Sour Cream & Onion goes well with party too! </p>
Pringles Tortilla Corn Chips Sour Cream & Onion


Loved it for to use with dips a bit thick and bland in taste
Not much to comment. Just some ordinary tortilla chips. Nothing special.
Love it! Me and my family love eating tortilla and this one really good! Just like the triangle tortilla chip we used to eat. Love it
great for health
i kinda like potato chips more than corn. the chips were a bit hard but the taste just doesnt blend well with me. if it is spicy and cheesy flavor it might be the best.
is crunchy and yummy... and too addictive!! once eat, cannot stop eating...
Pringles Tortilla Chips
I love the taste. This is thicker than the potato chips and crunchier. If I have to choose this between the potato chips, I will surely go for this!
Jenama yang sangat disukai keluarga
Sangat sedap & rangup. Gabungan rasa corn & sour cream & onion sangat sesuai. Anak saya pun sukakannya. Jenama yang tidak pernah mengecewakan.
It is really delicious and addictive.. But, you may don't want to eat this regularly as this product is quite not healthy to consume
Taste good and crunchy!
I love this slightly more thick tortilla chips compared to the usual Pringles chips, and the taste of sour cream and onion is great since it's my favourite flavour ever :)
Great taste
Love the taste and flavor even on tortilla chips. Very crispy and taste even better when dipped with salsa sauce
Keep the good job
Nice taste, as usual pringles never disappoint us. The chips is crispy and the sour cream taste match perfectly with the chips.
Yes please! This Pringles Tortilla Corn Chips Sour Cream & Onion is so good. The seasoning amount is perfect and the chips itself is very crunchy and there's a chew to it. Recommended!
I love Pringles and had been consuming Pringles since i was a kid. Hence, i can tell you that the original Pringles, especially the ones imported from the US are far more saltier compared to this. As it is from corn, it is crispier and thicker.taste wise is good.
It is not so salty. My baby loves this so much. My family sure have this when watching TV.
These are perfect with the sour cream dip.Great snack,Especially watching a movie while munching on them.Yummy.

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