4.6 5 0 12 12 Can't start the day without a cup of coffee? Grab a cup of Samyang Cup Coffee while you're on-the-go, crafted for indulgence and comes at a premium price.
Samyang Cup Coffee
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I like their packaging is so cute and I love their coffee.i'm not really like coffee but this one is good
Good for Its Category
There are several other ready to drink coffee in this type of packaging, but most don't taste like coffee at all due to it being too sweet. I tried the cafe latte version in South Korea and I loved it! There was the subtle bitterness and the taste of milk and sugar isn't too overpowering. I even felt the caffeine kick in after a while. It's as good as it gets for coffee of this type :)
sedap sangat
sedap sangat sangat rasanya walau manis. baru cuba ya karamel.
Kopi yang sedap dan tidak terlalu manis
Peminat kopi seperti saya suka mencuba kopi dari pelbagai negara dan rasa. Kopi samyang sedap dan tidak terlalu manis, sesuai dengan citarasa saya.
A good day to start with
Love the taste of bitterness with a bit of sweetness. nice blend of coffee and milk.
Strong Coffee Taste
I tried the latte. It has less milky taste than I'd expect from a latte and it has a strong coffee aftertaste. Recommended for coffee lovers who are all about that strong coffee aroma, almost Nescafe-esque in a sense but it doesn't taste "unnatural".
wake me Up coffee!
Latte : Rasa kopi bean dan 'smoked' dari kopi memang padu. Tak terlalu manis. Rasa kopi 'Freshly Brew'.
serious sedap
pada penggemar kopi Samyang Cup Coffee Adalah pilihan yang terbaik. serius sedap!
Taste great
I have tried mocha and latte, latte taste great and mocha not bad too
Nikmati kopi sebenar
Rasa yang enak. Pahit dan manis digabungkan dengan saksama. Saya telah kerap kali membeli selepas mencuba kali pertama
Pertama kali saya dengar tentang kopi daripada keluaran samyang. Setahu saya samyang hanya keluarkan produk mee segera sahaja. Menarik ni.
rasa kopi yang sedap sangat menepati citarasa penggemar kopi.

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