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Probably not for me
I've been ill when I started taking this Sangobion. I had lung infection then followed by stomach and intestinal infection. Thus, I 've been feeling lethargic despite taking it religiously. It would be unfair to comment but at that point, it foesn't do anything for me. It eventook me awhile to write this as I feel bad to make any comments given the situation and conditions I was.
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Easy Effective Inexpensive
Convenient to consume, Effective and Inexpensive After my annual body check my BP is low and easily feel dizzy and fatigued. After consume 1 box of Sangobion. Feel much better and reduce the low blood pressure symptoms. Will repurchase it since its works. #myblood
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Energetic, happier, eat well.
I bf my baby fully, this one helps me combat my sometimes low blood pressure. I feel happier and my appetite increases a lil bit. Btw,the pill is long-type, soft, and easy to swallow. So yes, go buy sangobion now!
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Taste is okay. Easy to swallow. Won’t vomit. I love this iron with VC, VB. Separate packaging, small, easy to bring
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Good for ladies
My hemoglobin level was low. I always took one tablet daily, especially during my menstrual period. Capsules tasted nice-chocolatey unlike other iron tablets. Experienced no side effects, it did not affect bowel habits. It is very good as it effectively giving me better energy.
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superb and nice
it helped to reduce my Tiredness and Dizziness in my daily lives
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Good dan healthy
Sangobion helps me get the nutrition I need and worth it.
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It work for me
It work for me , after apply this I won't feel sleepy
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Lebih Bertenaga Ceria
Setelah mengamalkan selama 14 hari saya rasa lebih bertenaga dari sebelumnya. Hilang rasa lesu yang sebelum ini. Terima kasih kerana produk ini serasi dengan saya. #myblood
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Terbaik untuk dicuba
Cubalah produk ini sangat bagus untuk kesihatan anda.
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Baik untuk kesihatan
Saya telah mencuba Sangobion selama 14 hari. Tujuan saya mengamalkan Sangobion adalah kerana saya mengalami masalah kekurangan Hemoglobin (Hb). Saya suka Sangobion kerana ianya dalam bentuk kapsul. Lebih mudah untuk ditelan berbanding tablet. Kesihatan saya bertambah baik serta tidak lagi berasa mudah letih.
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Not so tired anymore
The capsule is small and easy to swallow, nice size for people like me who hardly swallow supplements. I use to feel very tired due to my mild anemia, after taking Sangobion I feel more energetic and won't get tired so easily.
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Sangobion baik untuk tenaga
Kapsul dia sedap rasa macam coklat. Mudah diambil.
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Fight Tiredness & Dizziness
it helps in battling tiredness, paleness, dizziness, weakness and difficulty in concentrating. It also works well for me which has low red blood cells.
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Saya dh menggunakn Sangobion ni beberapa hari. Ianya berkesan pada saya. Sy kurang mengalami pening2 n nak pitam. Sebelum ni' sy selalu rasa nak pitam apabila bangun selepas mencangkung. Skrg tidak lg. #myblood Ia Mudah ditelan n mudah dibawa...
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