4.4 5 0 7 7 <p>Segreta Shampoo Volume Up 3D Effect is the pioneer innovation for 3D Volume Boosting Shampoo. The beauty component contained in the shampoo acts as a hair styling agent and creates a distinctive feel.</p> <p>Contains ingredients such as :</p> <p>• Royal Jelly Extract</p> <p>• Archangelica Extract</p> <p>• Soybean Shoot Extract</p> <p>• Zizyphus Jujuba Fruit Extract</p> <p>• Blackberry Lily Extract</p> <p>• Artemisia Absinthium Extract</p>
Segreta Shampoo Volume Up 3D Effect
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Segreta Shampoo Volume Up 3D Effect
Segreta Shampoo Volume Up 3D Effect helps to keep the hair stay silky, beautiful as well as the scalp stay healthy and fresh always. I am so attracted to the beautiful packaging which is very nice to use anytime. It does not irritate the scalp and safe to use anytime. Besides that, It helps to strengthen the hair roots stay strong and I feel so good to use this product all the time. At the same time, it helps to volume up to the hair which is very easy to style my hair anytime. Definitely a great choice and worth to purchase.
Good product
Quite pricey but the product worth every penny. I have a thin hair and combination scalp. this shampoo do wonders on my hair
Nice n good to use. Especially good for oily hair and clumsy hair people
Smell good and relax
I bought this from Guardian Pharmacy 3 months ago and that time it was recommended by the shop assistant saying this is good to try. I bought it and tried , wow , the result is not bad , i can feel the different whereby my hair looks more volumn and healthier , no more oily hair.
Segreta shampoo
Is very aromatic...smell good on hair all day long.Hair is so soft and easy to comb.
4 star
Shampoo ini isi kandungannya sangat elok sebab asa soya
I personally love this
I love the smell i personally really love the smell and the fact it makes my hair bouncy. Really great.
I love the smell i personally really love the smell and the fact it makes my hair bouncy. Really great.
I'm a person who are fine hair type and with no volume and sensitive scalp. Tried so many of shampoo that can help to volume up my hair but failed. But until i got this shampoo, my hair really become more volume and it wont make my hair dry.
Maybe can try it. Different shampoo of brand just try
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