4.7 5 0 56 56 <p>A complete toothpaste for sensitivity sufferers.</p> <p>Sensodyne Complete Protection offers all-round care for dentine hypersensitivity patients. It is powered by NovaMin® technology, a bioactive technology originally developed for bone repair.</p>
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Good job
My family use this toothpaste for the past 10 years. My parents used it and never change any toothpaste since then.
I have been using Sensodyne toothpaste over the years , especially their Repair and Protect series because I'm proned to sensitive teeth and tend to bleed while I brush.Using Sensodyne, my oral problems have visibly reduced. I've now tried the Sensodyne's Complete Protection toothpaste and i feel it pretty much tastes the same and does the same thing though. For bleeding gums though I would recommend Parodontax toothpaste.
My husband always want best for him. Thats why he choose a good product , Sensodyne. Before he decide using, he have problem with his teeth, bad smell from mouth. After he try first time, he loved the smell of toothpaste. Very good product & valuable for money and our mouth.
Sensodyne is the best for sensitive teeth and complete protection is just perfect for Malaysians as we eat non-stop everyday.
I love Sensodyne toothpaste! I've used it for many years and would recommend it to anyone with sensitive teeth!
I have sensitive gums , after use this solve my problem !
Quite good, my pain does not come as often as before using
this toothpaste really helps my sensitive teeth,i dont have to suffer when eating ice cream anymore
Definitely a must buy item for my sensitive teeth. Gums doesn't bleed anymore when brushing. Would recommend Sensodyne Complete Protection to those with sensitive teeth & gums.
I've been tried this for a week, it helps to reduce my sensitive teeth problem. I love it & will continue to use Sensodyne. TQ
Its a very good product.im trying it sensodyne is suitable for sensitive tooth. love it.
Hmm, the taste is weird for me. I am very picky on the toothbrush flavor. For the protection and taste wise, I would prefer the purple-coloured packing (gum protection). It works better in terms of taste and gum protection. Understanding that this blue packaging is for complete protection, I think this idea is good. However, as a Sensodyne's long time user, I don't really find them very much different from each other. All can really improve your teeth and gums. I will go back to the purple packaging by the way, mainly because of the acceptable taste.
Its a very good product. It leave a sense of cooling sensation after brushing.

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